Elvira 's Cassandra Peterson Reveals 19-Year Relationship With a Woman: 'I've Got to Be Truthful'

Cassandra Peterson
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Cassandra Peterson - best known as horror hostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, since the early 1980s - is finally coming to light.
Peterson published her first memoir on Tuesday discussing her 19-year relationship with another woman named Teresa "T" Wierson, who started out as her fitness trainer.
The book, titled Yours Cruelly, Elvira: Memoirs of the Mistress of the Dark, tells how Peterson, now 70, first noticed a "dark and brooding" coach at Gold's Gym in Hollywood - someone she considered male - years ago held.
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“Often times, when I did my pre-workout warm-up on the treadmill, I couldn't help but notice that one particular trainer - brown, tattooed, and muscular - was stalking the gym floor, knitted hat pulled so low over his long brown hair that it almost covered his eyes, "she wrote.
"A typical sexy bad boy, he didn't know he was charismatic enough to start his own unofficial fan club. Watching him from the safety of my treadmill made my heart beat faster and time went by a lot faster."
Soon, however, the Elvira's Movie Macabre hostess discovered that the charismatic trainer was actually a woman after meeting her in the ladies' room. From there, she said, a friendship began.
your cruel elvira memories of the mistress of darkness
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"As a former bodybuilder, track runner and cyclist, she was an incredibly cute person despite her tough looks," wrote Peterson of Wierson. "She had the ability to do something as mundane as exercising for fun, and we trained three times a week together for the next six years and developed a close friendship in the process."
Years later, however, things developed when Wierson showed up on Peterson's doorstep during a difficult time and eventually moved in.
After Peterson divorced her husband Mark Pierson and raised her daughter Sadie alone, she found that "instead of being a burden, having [Teresa] with you was a great relief".
"We all spent the evenings laughing, cooking, singing, and dancing in the kitchen while she helped me prepare dinner," added Peterson, continuing as they took their relationship to the next level.
“... After coming home from a movie, I said good night to her and suddenly felt compelled to kiss her - on the mouth. As shocked as she was, I think I was even more surprised, "Peterson recalled.
"What the hell did I do? I was never interested in anything other than friends. I was so confused. It just wasn't me! I was stunned that I was friends with her for so many years and I never noticed our chemistry. How could I have missed her? Was it the masculine energy that she radiated that attracted me? Your intense green eyes? Or just my own loneliness? "
Even so, Peterson “soon discovered that we bonded sexually in ways I had never seen before, and after a while it became clear that I fell in love with this beautiful, androgynous creature who had appeared on my doorstep like an angel when I needed someone the most. "
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Now, decades later, the woman behind Elvira likes to tell the story of her long-term love in the open air.
"As Cassandra I wouldn't have cared that people knew about our relationship, but I felt the need to protect Elvira to keep my career going. Elvira has always had a soft spot for men and men have a soft spot for You, so I worried that my fans would feel lied to, call me a hypocrite, and leave me if I announced that I was no longer leading the 'normal life', ”she argued.
"Would my fans hate me for not being what they expected me to be? I am very aware that there will be some who will be disappointed and maybe even angry, but I have to live with myself and at this point in my life. " "I have to be honest about who I am."
Your Grausam, Elvira: Memoirs of the Mistress of the Dark is now available on bookshelves at Hachette Books.
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