Email shows Loudon superintendent knew of bathroom sexual assault on same day

A newly published email from the principal of Loudoun District Public Schools informing the school administration of a suspected sexual assault on the school premises contradicts his later public statements that there is no record of such an incident.
Superintendent Scott Ziegler, who now claims his public statement was made after misinterpreting a question, sent the email on Jan.
"The purpose of this email is to give you information about an incident at Stone Bridge HS," said Ziegler in the email that WTOP News received. The LCSO is investigating the matter. "
But a month later, on June 22nd, when he spoke to a recalcitrant school board meeting on allegations that a student was raped by another student in the girls' bathroom, he said, "We have no record of assaults in our toilets."
In October, the Daily Wire published a report in which the father of a high school student at Stone Bridge said his daughter was raped in the girls' bathroom on May 28 by a boy who allegedly wore a skirt on October 6 when he was a high school student at the Ashburn Broad Run High School allegedly forced into a classroom and inappropriately touched by the same student from the May 28 incident.
A 15-year-old Ashburn man was charged in both crimes, Loudoun County Commonwealth prosecutor Buta Biberaj told WTOP. He is being held in Loudoun County Youth Prison.
As a result, at a Loudoun County school board meeting on October 12, the parents demanded Ziegler's resignation as superintendent and accused him of allegedly overseeing the cover-up of two sexual assaults on the school grounds.
Ziegler apologized on October 15 for the school system's response to the recent sexual assault on school grounds, saying that the school council members "acknowledge and share your pain." He said he would propose changes "to ensure that school discipline and criminal investigation can take place at the same time."
John Beatty, a Loudoun County school board member, said the disclosure of Ziegler's May 28 email indicated the school needed an investigation. Beatty, who said he was speaking on his own behalf, said he couldn't remember receiving the email.
Ziegler's response on June 22nd was "incredibly worrying," Beatty said on WMAL.
"I always try to help people when in doubt, so I think it's important that we get all the facts so that we can do justice to the students and staff and not make rash decisions," said Beatty. "But it's incredibly worrying to hear that, and now everything else is coming to light."
Ziegler apologized for the comments he made during the meeting on Jan.
"I regret that my comments were misleading and I apologize for the hardship that families have caused there," he said. "I should have asked board member [Beth] Barts to clarify questions to get to the bottom of her question instead of assuming what she meant, I'll do better in the future."
The Virginia Department of Education is investigating the discrepancies in the LCPS reports.
"Over the past week, Loudoun County's public schools have received a series of questions from parishioners as to whether and when the school board was made aware of the alleged sexual assault, which was based on a statement from ABC 7 on April 28.
“The board members are regularly informed about major incidents in our schools. In this case, the school principal sent an email to the board on Friday, May 28, 2021, ”the statement said. "... The message generally informed the board members that an alleged incident had taken place and that the Loudoun Sheriff's Office is conducting an investigation into the incident. As LCPS has indicated, no specific details were given to the school board or the names of the people Participants and were informed by Dr LCPS staff prior to the June 22nd 2021 meeting or at any time thereafter until the latest news reports were released. "
The next Loudoun County Public Schools school committee meeting is scheduled for October 26th.
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