Emily in Paris Fans Are Livid About What Happens to Camille

Warning: spoilers ahead.
Emily in Paris is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now, and it's obvious why. The dazzling, soapy series is the much-needed piece of lime cake 2020. In 10 glamorous episodes you forget the pandemic and instead focus on a 20-year-old American girl named Emily (Lily Collins) who gets a dream job in Paris and gets into a lot of gimmicks involved with low stakes. There are love triangles and work spar and hot guys cooking Emily omelets! It's a Dream.
Granted, the show has generated some criticism - mostly for its French stereotypes and the unrealistic way Emily is gaining hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. Fans are also furious at the way one of the supporting characters, Camille (Camille Razat) is treated. Quickly in the series, we learn that Camille, Emily's new girlfriend, is actually Gabriel's (Lucas Bravo) girlfriend, with whom Emily shared a steamy kiss, not to mention a lot of flirting. You'd think Emily would put up with it the second she saw the connection between Camille and Gabriel, but no! Emily and Gabriel keep flirting behind the back of cute, wonderful Camille - and Camille really has no idea.
Emily (Lily Collins) and Camille (Camille Razat) in Emily in Paris without talking about how Emily feels about Camille's boyfriend
This reaches a frustrating climax when Camille drives Emily and Gabriel to their family home for a few days. Emily sits on Gabriel's lap during the drive and they continue their annoying jokes all weekend - with Camille's family. The season ends with Emily and Gabriel meeting again ... again completely unknown to Camille, who was nothing more than a friend of Emily.
PopSugar posted a commentary on this frustrating story, noting that "girl code" clearly doesn't mean much abroad. Fans on Twitter expressed similar feelings.
"I just finished Emily in Paris and I think we should start a petition to make Camille the main character," wrote one fan. "I don't want to see shows where the 'protagonist' as a cheater and Narcissist is romanticized. The love triangle had potential, but no. "
What will happen to Camille in the second season? Will she recognize the relationship between Emily and Gabriel and cut it out completely? Will she forgive them? We hope she gets her flowers ... and a better friend.
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