Energetic mom squeals in delight at brilliant hoodie-folding hack: ‘Look at how neat your closet’s gonna be!’

Photo credit: @ longlashqueen / TikTok
When it comes to clever life hacks, the internet is full of tips and tricks to save parents time, money, and headaches everywhere - and a TikTok mom can't hold back her excitement about the last hack she picked up.
Nicole, known on TikTok as @longlashqueen, describes herself as a mother of three, the life of the party and a lover of tacos - and now she can proudly add “Hoodie Hack Queen” to this bio!
@ Longlashqueen
What TikTok taught this mom!
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"Oh my god! I found this new thing called TikTok! Check out what it taught me!" She squeaks as she bursts into the frame. The beaming mother then hops to the floor and excitedly begins to fold her hoodie .
“Lay out the sweatshirt smooth and flat. You fold the floor up ... You take a sleeve, you fold it in, make it nice and smooth, ”she explains in a singing voice as she demonstrates.
Finally the culmination of the brilliant hoodie hack: “Get ready, get ready! Take the hat, the hood, you just stretch it around ... "Her voice trembles with joy as she holds the neatly folded package and says:" Would you take a look at how tidy your closet will be ?! "
"This lady made me so hype doing laundry ..."
In this hoodie hack that is making the rounds with over 3 million views on TikTok, people everywhere are rethinking the way they do laundry.
But it's not just the hack that makes people smile and share. It's the infectious energy and sheer joy of Nicole that people seem to love.
"I've never seen anyone get this excited about a hoodie," said one user.
"I bet Monica Geller is her favorite member of Friends," added another.
"This lady made me so hype doing laundry," one comment said.
And for some TikTok users, this hoodie hack video has become a valuable resource. "Just want to say it's been a year and I'm still coming back to that video about folding my hoodies," wrote one user.
Whether you've been folding sweatshirts this way for years or just discovered this hack today, I think we can all agree on one thing: Nicole's zeal for laundry folding is something we could all use in our lives!
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