Enes Kanter: I heard ‘so many’ players on East playoff team, including superstars, won’t play

NBA owners approved the resumption with 22 teams at Disney World. The National Basketball Players Association approved the format.
A question that was not given enough attention at the beginning of the process:
Would the players actually play under these conditions?
Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston:
Chris Forsberg

"If I tell you who it is, you will go crazy."

Enes Kanter said a former teammate told him there was at least one all-star on a playoff team in the east who suggested that he wouldn't play when the NBA restarted.

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11:10 p.m. - May 29, 2020
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Celtics Center Enes Kanter:
I have so many friends on different teams, right? I actually spoke to one of my friends and he said - I won't tell who or which team - but he said, "There are so many people on our team that they won't play." You are actually in the Eastern Conference. You are in a playoff spot.
And they're like superstars. If I told you who it was, you would go crazy. I just can't tell you who it is. But he said, "Hey, you won't play."
They said until they found a vaccine, until they found a cure, that they won't be playing.
Remember, this is second-hand at best. It is also an attention-grabbing claim from someone who loves to get attention. So have some skepticism.
But there are definitely players who have concerns about resuming for various reasons - health, comfort, racial injustice.
Net star Kyrie Irving is the only player known to be clearly against a restart. *
* The priorities of Trail Blazers Guard CJ McCollum are unclear.
Chris Haynes from Yahoo Sports:
Portland Trail Blazers star, CJ McCollum, said he voted "no" in a group chat when the season resumed, but stressed the importance of ending the season for fear of the next CBA Negotiations would not do the players any good.
McCollum also praised Trail Blazers owner Jody Allen for saying no to the 22-team plan.
However, according to Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN, the union voted 28-0 to resume. McCollum is the NBPA Vice President.
I don't know what group chat McCollum was referring to. The union's informal poll a month ago?
McCollum's concern about the collective agreement is perfectly justified and sounds like a point from someone who supports a restart.
When Kanter talks about Brooklyn ... OK. Irving and Keivn Durant are on the road for the season anyway. The only big revelation would be players waiting for a vaccine or a cure. It could take a while.
There is also a big difference between hesitation in playing and the intention not to play. Another big leap is not to play and sacrifice the salary.
I suspect that almost all players in the 22 teams will eventually report to Disney World. But that's not certain, and there is definitely a lot of talk about players sitting outside.
Enes Kanter: I heard that "so many" players on the East playoff team, including superstars, did not originally appear on NBCSports.com

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