England fans disappointed over draw with USA

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STORY: Although the result and performance were very disappointing, England lead the group by four points and remain in the box seat to reach the last 16.
The United States, who drew with Wales on Monday, have two points and will go into their final game against Iran knowing a win could put them in the last 16.
Fans cheered outside Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar, and tens of thousands also gathered at the FIFA Fan Festival on Friday night (November 25) to watch the game.
Despite the disappointing result for England fans, fans from both countries could be seen cheering and celebrating in the fan park.
A US fan said she was very happy with the draw and hoped her side could advance to the knockout stages, while an England fan said he was delighted with her side's performance after a tense 0-0 draw disappointed.
"I feel really good. I think even if the USA maybe isn't as great as England. I think they made England work for it and I'm glad they're drawing. It's better than losing,” said 23-year-old Andrea Pineda from New York, who was surrounded by around 15,000 fans in the fan zone area on the sixth day of the World Cup.
“I think Southgate could have changed things much earlier in the game. I think England could have done a lot better, a lot better. The US was good but England was poor, very poor," said 36-year-old England supporter Jamie Standell.

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