England vs Belgium, Uefa Nations League Group A2: live score and latest updates

Belgian defender Jason Denayer (L) approaches English striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin - AFP / Getty
Worldwide exclusive: Man Utd and Liverpool drive "Project Big Picture" - the biggest shock in football for generations
5:27 pm
69 minutes: England 2 Belgium 1
England is losing focus and is open. But there is no Belgian in the box.
5:24 pm
66 minutes: England 2 Belgium 1
Belgium dusts itself off and with a good attack Trippier follows. England handles the corner well.
Harry Kane replaces Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Kalvin Phillips replaces Jordan Henderson.
5:23 pm
GATE! England 2 Belgium 1 (mountain 63)
No! You turn Mount to the left and would you believe it hit! He picks up the ball in the inner left channel, hits a shot that distracts Alderweireld and snakes over the helpless Mignolet. Ha!
5:20 pm
63 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
Mason Mount, who wasn't the ticket in a no-nothing-like-right-forward / right-midfield role, will I think bail out?
KDB really started dictating the game and played a decent one-two here. Meunier, his beneficiary, should have shot rather than given it to a flooded Lukaku.
5:18 pm
61 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
De Bruyne was twice within an inch or two of the ball's breakthrough in tenth place.
Half a chance at the other end for Calvert-Lewin when he gets the break of the spinning ball but fails to get a shot.
5:16 pm
59 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
Maguire and then Rice tucked the boot into Lukaku, which hadn't been so bossy since the break.
5:15 pm
57 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
Walker comes over to help Trent AA - I think that's the benefit of England's battery of right-backs - and England is cleaning up a dangerous situation involving de Bruyne and Carasco.
5:13 pm
55 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
Calvert-Lewin made his presence palpable, Denayer at the same time.
5:11 pm
53 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
England with a decent move here, a high hanging cross for Denayer and Calvert-Lewin to jump for. It falls for Trent Alexander Arnold to have a shot that is deflected backwards. Belgium clears the corner.
5:08 pm
51 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
England looks flat, not so much as in "They Miss the Pep" but in that with a flat back they play five and then three sitters in the middle and then the two strikers. Nobody breaks the line or finds space in a pocket.
5:07 pm
49 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
Rashford with a good carry, Alderweireld has not been in his game since the restart. Rashford cuts it back for Calvert Lewin, who flies a shot miles over.
5:04 pm
47 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
Castagne and Carasco combine well on the left for Bel, but the cross is weak.
5:03 pm
46 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
No changes at halftime. England starts.
5:02 pm
The players are out again
for the second half.
4:57 pm
That was England's only attempt
I think it's fair to say the penalty kick. Won by Jordan Henderson. Lukaku gave the English three a hot time back. England work playfully, but have little creativity in the midfield. Rashford was England's most influential figure.
4:47 pm
Half time: England 1 Belgium 1
England is playing the ball around comfortably enough when the referee finishes the half.
A master class in center forward play by Romelu Lukaku. He scored a penalty. Rashford also scored from the spot for England, who was second best.
4:45 p.m.
44 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
Witsel and Meunier send De Bruyne together into the inner right channel. De Bruyne brand, but on this occasion his pruning does not find a teammate.
4:44 pm
42 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
Belgium squeezed the English defenders and it was Trippier who chopped the ball and gave it away. Played forward against Lukaku who uses his strength to hold off a man and then unlocks the English defense with a superlative back heel. Nice game. Caraasco grabs the shot and pulls it far. Lukakus Pass deserves better.
4:41 pm
40 minutes: England 1 Belgium 1
England is a little lucky to come to an agreement, but there you have it. Henderson certainly made the most of easy contact, but the guy actually grabbed him that fair I think.
4:40 pm
GATE! England 1 Belgium 1 (Rashford 38p)
Marcus Rashford MBE whips the ball home! England is just.
4:39 pm
37 minutes: England 0 Belgium 1
England received a penalty! Henderson runs off, Meunier has an arm around him and Jordan Henderson doesn't need a second invitation. Penalty England ....
Meunier booked.
4:38 pm
37 minutes: England 0 Belgium 1
Rashford makes himself a nuisance in the box, his tenacious persistence wins another corner for the hosts.
Boyata I think will follow and England can try again.
4:36 pm
35 minutes: England 0 Belgium 1
Good shot from Calvert-Lewin down the left flank, he turns away from his man and wins a corner. Mignolet conveniently collects this corner.
4:33 pm
33 minutes: England 0 Belgium 1
Lukaku has the best of Dier again and starts an attack. A difficult pass and Pickford can collect. This is an excellent representation of Romelu by this afternoon.
4:32 pm
31 minutes: England 0 Belgium 1
Decent move here from England, Rashford controls things. After all, England are in the box, but Belgium are well placed and have a lot back. DCL runs it but was never really threatening.
Reis scratched Witsel's back and goes into the book.
4:28 pm
27 minutes: England 0 Belgium 1
Lukaku really dominates the English defense. He gets the ball at will and is able to hold it up / bring others in. Belgium - without Eden Hazard today, remember - is a cut above it.
4:24 pm
23 minutes: England 0 Belgium 1
On a nice pass from England, Trent AA wins a corner on the right.
Half is cleared, played again, and Trippier has a chance to put him back into danger but does everything wrong.
4:21 pm
21 minutes: England 0 Belgium 1
England is on the ropes, Witsel wins the header because Lukaku owns Dier here. Meunier shoots a shot on goal, which I think, with Pickford, dribbles just past the goal.
4:20 pm
19 minutes: England 0 Belgium 1
England started well but have become sloppy and here is Rashford giving the ball to Kevin de Bruyne of all people. KDB controls, shoots forward, and rattles a shot at the target, which Pickford stops.
4:17 pm
GATE! England 0 Belgium 1 (Lukaku 16p)
He's sending Pickford the wrong way, and that's an emphatic pen.
4:16 pm
14 minutes: England 0 Belgium 0
Belgium has a penalty. Lukaku knocks it past Dier, he has the run on him, Dier falls and crashes the great Belgian striker. Looked like a clear punishment for me. And it is given! Enter Lukaku himself ...
4:12 pm
11 minutes: England 0 Belgium 0
Belgium reopens England. Carasco beat Dier and Belgium got the ball in the net! But what is it ... a very, very late offside flag saved England. "That was more than ridiculous," says Gary Neville of the delay between offside and flag. It seemed to take an age. Meunier got the ball down on the right - when he's offside it's very tight. He crossed, Carasco sold the doll to Dier and put it home. Think there was another player in the box, Castagne, who was probably out, but again very difficult to tell. No var.
Castagne is back on the sidelines.
4:11 pm
10 minutes: England 0 Belgium 0
Now it is Belgium's turn to have the ball ... and they create the game's first real chance. You cut through England, bottom left and it is cut back from the line. Lukaku with the header! It hits the bar.
4:07 pm
7 minutes: England 0 Belgium 0
England narrows at the front, the top three over the Belgian three.
The Southgate side looks serene and enjoys most of the ball.
4:05 pm
5 minutes: England 0 Belgium 0
Nice run of Rashford from the deep, they back off him, but enough men back off. England keep the ball and recycle and attack again.
4:04 pm
4 minutes: England 0 Belgium 0
England got off to a good start, Rashford and Mount are prominent, the team has passed well.
4:01 pm
2 minutes: England 0 Belgium 0
England is pushing well to pester visitors and Rashford is almost done.
4:01 pm
1 minute: England 0 Belgium 0
The players kneel. And Belgium starts.
4:00 p.m.
8 of the Belgian XI
played in England. They had some problems with the goal in the warm-up - Courtois has a hip injury and two other goalkeepers have taken paternity leave!
3:56 pm
The players line up
It's time for the Belgian national anthem.
3:51 pm
The sad and surreal sight
of an empty Wembley stadium.
Belgian Kevin De Bruyne warming up before the game - Reuters
3:42 pm
Gareth interview before the game
"Kane had an odd week of training. He started on Wednesday, had a bit of cramps, basically muscle fatigue. But he hasn't really done enough on the field to start. He seems more confident. He could play fifteen minutes."
No kane, no sterling is a great loss, but this is an opportunity for others. It is a good challenge to hold up against your system.
We believe this is a game for our seasoned players. They have a great mentality among themselves. It's still a team that has many years ahead of it. "
3:40 pm
Jordan Pickford
Has conceded four goals in a row in England. Gareth seems to give him every chance to do those five.
3:35 pm
An interesting and thoughtful exchange
between Dave Jones and Ashley, who wasn't always the most likable character but came across really well there.
3:33 pm
Ashley Cole
"It's tough on black kids. I would walk down the street with a hoodie and people would cross the street, or you walk into a store and security will follow you around.
We made progress. Now there are so many people with phones that we can record things (if there is a racist incident) or things on social media.
But sometimes when it was bad you just threw it in the trash because you didn't want people to say 'race card'. "
3:31 pm
Ashley Cole in the sky
Question from Dave Jones: Did you feel like your color was an obstacle [to make it as a footballer]?
Ashley Cole: Oh sure. As a younger person, I definitely felt that I had to work a little harder than my white teammates.
3:23 pm
England team
from Pickford; Alexander Arnold, Walker, Trippier, Dier, Maguire; Rice, Henderson; Berg, Calvert Lewin, Rashford
apparently raised a lot of questions for fans on the internet. Some people seem upset that it's a bit defender heavy. Belgium is much better than England, isn't it? It doesn't seem entirely unreasonable to me that Gareth would want to play fairly defensively. But it's hard to see where the creative spark comes from, that's true.
3:05 pm
Naan better
3:02 pm
Here are Belgium
12 mignolet
15 Meunier
2 Alderweireld
3 denayer
4 boyata
21 castagne
6 whites
8 Tielemans
7 De Bruyne
9 Lukaku
11 Carrasco
2:59 pm
Kyle Walker
wins his 50th international match this afternoon. Gareth strives for solidity in this XI.
2:58 pm
Here the English team meets Belgium
2:52 pm
good day
and welcome to our live blog of England versus Belgium in Group A2 of the Uefa Nations League. The start at Wembley Stadium is at 5 p.m.
English captain Harry Kane could be out of training after a muscle injury. That could open the door for in form Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who scored the opener against Wales, to keep his place on the team.
England beat Wales 3-0 in a friendly on Thursday, but Belgium will prove to be a tougher test.
Winger Jadon Sancho and striker Tammy Abraham are set to return after missing a game on Thursday for a virus rule violation.
England, runner-up in League A Group 2 in the Nations League, will play against Denmark on Wednesday.
The big story in football today is the crisp coverage of Sam Wallace.
Worldwide exclusive: Man Utd and Liverpool drive "Project Big Picture" - the biggest shock in football for generations
We will no doubt hear a lot about it in the coming days and weeks, but for now our focus is firmly on the national side. The team news will be published shortly.
Harry Kane has sustained an injury and has a big doubt about England's Nations League game against Belgium on Sunday.
The English coach is likely to resist calls for Jack Grealish to start at Wembley.
Harry Maguire is welcomed back for his first international appearance since his summer vacation arrest in Mykonos, Greece. However, despite his performance as the man of the game in defeating Wales midweek, Grealish is expected to be used from the bench.

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