Eric Andre Refused to Let ‘Middle-Aged White People’ at Netflix Cut Police Joke from Special

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Eric Andre is the focus of Netflix's upcoming comedy special "Legalize Everything", which starts on June 23, but the comedian had to fight Netflix to keep at least one joke in the final cut of the special. "Legalize Everything" begins with a sketch by Andre, who claims to be a police officer in New Orleans and distributes drugs to strangers on the street. The bit shouldn't surprise anyone who loves the shock comedy of Andre's eponymous adult swim series, but Andre tells The Daily Beast that some "middle-aged white people" at Netflix have urged him to remove the joke given the nationwide climate after George's death Floyd. The comedian declined.
"I like, no, people!" Said Andre. "This is the best time to be joking. We need that! We have to point out the absurdity of the police and what the bloody hypocrisy and shame it is. We have to point out the brutality of the police. I am blessed that my stand-up special is coming out during this time. "
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The teaser trailer for Andre's "Legalize Everything" special is an expanded look at another set piece from the comedy show in which Andre criticizes the long-time series "Cops" for using reggae music while showing footage of police officers , the black and others beat up minorities. Paramount Network has decided to cancel "Cops" after George Floyd's death, which has sparked renewed interest in the representation of law enforcement officers through television programs.
In his interview with The Daily Beast, Andre said that he had always been "disgusted," as "cops" portrayed cops as the good and poor and blacks and marginalized as the bad ... [the officers] are notching for the camera. "
"People were shot unnecessarily and they used excessive force to make good TV," Andre continued when asked if "cops" would detonate. "I think the show" Cops "is pretty corrupt. They've had a 32 season run. I think we're fine. I think it's time to hang up the jersey."
Legalize Everything is one of two projects Andre has planned for Netflix. The other is his “Jack Trip” inspired comedy film “Bad Trip”, which was originally supposed to open in cinemas with the kind permission of Orion Pictures. Netflix has not yet announced a release date for "Bad Trip". IndieWire has asked the streaming giant for further comments on cutting police ore.
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