Eric Clapton says he won't play for "discriminated"—i.e., vaccinated—audiences

Eric Clapton

Old man accumulates on the cloud.
What we can only guess is a concerted effort to steadily crawl the “COVID-19 vaccine crank” in his Wikipedia intro paragraph - one day possibly the “famous blues guitarist” and “the equivalent of the Music World to Andrew Lincoln's character from Love “Indeed” on his list of his achievements - Eric Clapton has once again chosen to let the world know what he thinks about vaccination. In particular, Clapton has responded to possible new mandates (which will supposedly come into effect in September) requiring audiences at shows in the UK to provide proof of vaccination, stating that this will not happen on any Eric Clapton show because he “doesn't will appear on every stage on which a discriminated audience is present. Unless everyone is expected to participate, I reserve the right to cancel the show. "
And while we are always happy when Eric Clapton takes a stance on "discrimination" that is not literally telling immigrants to leave while muttering racial slurs, it is still a very familiar tune, which he plays here. We covered several comments last month that Clapton made to spread disinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines and even to be kind enough to set out his own radicalization on the matter. (You'll be shocked to learn that there was heavy YouTube video consumption.) In particular, Clapton also spoke about his transition to the Telegram social media service, a favorite for people who want to say things without worrying that someone might consider you z, dangerous disinformation that might kill people. It was no coincidence that Clapton released his latest statement about the service - specifically through a letter sent to anti-lockdown activist Robin Monotti Graziadei and then made public. "I feel obliged to make an announcement of my own," said Clapton of the proposed action and, seriously, can someone get Eric Clapton's honor a day off? It's doing him or his remaining fan base a disservice.
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