Eric Trump claims president father received 'a vaccine' for Covid-19

Eric Trump appeared on ABC's The Week (ABC) on Sunday
Eric Trump has been mocked online for claiming Donald Trump took a vaccine against Covid-19 - a vaccine that doesn't yet exist.
Eric, 36, appeared on ABC's This Week Sunday morning.
He was asked about his father's recovery after his October 1 test and his three nights with Walter Reed, and returned to the White House on October 5.
Eric said his father's progress was "amazing".
"I'm telling you it was amazing," said Eric. "It probably speaks to how well some of these vaccines are made.
"What my father did on the vaccine front, nobody could have done. Nobody could have done it.
"My dad literally started developing this vaccine on day one. He worked on moving this vaccine forward and now my dad just took it! And you see how well he got over it, and I think it is an inspiration. As Americans, we should be very proud of that. "
The host, Jonathan Karl, replied, “Can you make that clear? You say your dad just got a vaccine? "
Eric replied, “That is, when he was at Walter Reed. The drugs he's been on. "
Karl corrected: "The therapeutics."
Eric concluded, "I think it shows the power of medicine in this country and how far we have come with Covid."
Eric was asked how serious his 74-year-old father was.
"He was hit hard that first day," replied Eric. “I can tell you as a son. It's never fun watching your dad fly to Walter Reed on Marine One, is it? This is a day no son wants to remember. "
Eric's claim that his father received a vaccine many months away has been mocked on social media.
A health care worker tweeted, "Will someone please try to explain to Eric Trump what a vaccine is?"
It has been described as "a painful reminder that there is still no vaccine against stupidity."
Another tried more generously to give Eric the benefit of the doubt.
"Did Trump actually take a vaccine, or does Eric not know the difference between a therapeutic and a vaccine?" She asked.
Andrew Kaczynski, a reporter on CNN's K-File, pointed out that Eric made the claim earlier.
On Wednesday, Eric told a radio station that his father had received "a vaccine".

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