Erika Girardi Says RHOBH Is Her Main Source of Income, Reveals Lawyers Advised Her to Quit Show

The life of Erika Girardi has been very different since ex-husband Tom Girardi is no longer the focus of her life.
During the first part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' four-part reunion on Wednesday, 50-year-old Erika said the Bravo hit has been her main source of income since she filed for divorce in November 2020.
"Yes, unfortunately it is. You know, that's more of a consideration now," she said. “Back when we were doing the show, I was literally trying to survive. Now that we are here, yes - that has been more considered. "
Next, Erika incriminated the fans who suggested being "fired" by RHOBH, saying, "No, why should I be fired?"
Nicole Weingart / Bravo
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“Why do we assume that I did something? Why don't we let the legal process proceed? You heard a side and a lot of cops are on that side, ”she continued. “Give me a chance to defend myself. Take care of me. I am ready for the challenge, watch me. "
Although Erika's resignation from RHOBH is not in sight, she claimed her lawyers advised her to quit the series amid the ongoing legal drama. (Several lawsuits have surfaced after her and Tom divorced, including one suing Erika and Tom, 82, of alleged embezzlement of money from people who lost loved ones in a Boeing plane crash. Tom was also taken from his former business partners sued in bankruptcy proceedings under Chapter 7.)
"I said no because I have nothing to hide," she said. "And they said, 'Well, you know that s --- can be turned on you.'"
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To clarify what she said, Erika added, "Anything can be parsed, twisted, twisted, and yes, possibly used against you. Whether it's true or not, it almost doesn't matter at this point."
While Erika admitted to leaving the show, she stayed on board because she wanted to "honor" her engagement. "I didn't mean to run away from what was coming," she added.
Elsewhere during the reunion, Erika addressed the various problems in their previous marriage. Talking about how she had received no support from Tom over the years, she stated that he had never read her memoirs of Pretty Mess and did not attend her Broadway debut in Chicago.
Nicole Weingart / Bravo
With this in mind, moderator Andy Cohen asked why Erika had decided not to leave Tom earlier in view of his alleged affairs.
"The fraud is part of it. There is so much more," she claimed. "And I said to Tom: 'If you are in love with someone else, divorce me and go to her.'"
Erika claimed that Tom had no reaction to her explanation.
The episode ended with Andy, 53, asking Erika if she was "loyal" to Tom. She didn't answer until the final title card appeared.
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion continues on Wednesday (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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