Erin Napier Says "It Cuts Deep" When People Ask if She's Going to Have More Children

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Erin Napier is over people who prick their noses where they shouldn't. The hometown star introduced People to a topic in its latest issue that needs careful treatment: a woman's reproductive situation.
Napier, mother of 2 year old daughter Helen, spoke about some of the "weird and unnecessary" comments people have made to her, such as "You have to give Helen a sibling" and "[Helen] doesn't have to be an only child . "Ultimately, the HGTV star believes that phrases like these must stop being tossed around so frivolously.
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"I have a lot of dear people close to me who cannot have children and who desperately want them," she said. "When such things are said, it goes deep." She explains that reproductive problems are not necessarily a problem for her or her husband, Ben, but that she "wants to be a voice for the people I love".
However, she shares that prior to pregnancy with Helen there was some doubt that she could even do that. Napier explains that she had a perforated appendix that had ruptured repeatedly and healed itself. Because of this, the doctors told her that she might not be able to have biological children. Fortunately, in May 2017, she was able to prove they were wrong when she and Ben found out they were expecting.
"I felt the pressure from the clock more than anything," she continued, adding that she and her husband Ben didn't start a family until they were 30 - which was considered old compared to their counterparts in southern Mississippi. "But I want to change the narrative. It's a sensitive conversation and people need to be more careful about it," she said.
Regarding the future of their own family, the couple is content with whatever awaits them. Ben told people that "we would love to have more, but if we can't we are perfectly happy with Helen," adding, "we're big fans of adoption too."
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