Eskimo Pie Drops 'Derogatory' Name After Nearly A Century

The name "Eskimo Pie" was introduced in 1921 and uses an outdated term for the Native Americans. (Photo: Tataks via Getty Images)
The company behind Eskimo Pie announced it would drop the name of the almost 100-year-old chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bar after other U.S. food companies took similar measures to revise their marketing after protests against racial injustices.
Elizabell Marquez, marketing director of Dreyers Grand Ice Cream, the company behind Eskimo Pie, said in a statement on Friday that the name was "derogatory" and that Dreyer was "part of the solution to racial equality".
"This step is part of a broader review to ensure that our company and brands reflect our employees' values," said Marquez.
Dreyer's decision comes after Quaker Oats, Aunt Jemima's parent company, syrup and pancake mix, announced to change the brand name, logo, and packaging of this brand, which was originally inspired by a minstrel song.
Mars, Inc. - the company that sells Uncle Ben's rice, whose branding has been criticized as a racist stereotype - announced that the brand will “evolve” after Aunt Jemima's decision.
Conagra Brands, which owns the Mrs. Butterworth brand pancake syrup, will review the branding and packaging of the product to recognize the company's role in “eliminating racial prejudice”. Similarly, B&G Foods Inc. announced that a review of the branding and packaging of the hot cereal made from wheat cream will begin with a black cooking mascot.
The Eskimo Cake concept was originally developed in 1920 by Christian Kent Nelson, a candy store owner. Nelson has reportedly been considering combining chocolate and ice cream after a boy in his shop struggled to make a purchase. Nelson's business partner Russell Stover came up with the name Eskimo Pie a year later.
Eskimo is a catchphrase used by non-natives to describe the Inuit, Yupik, and other indigenous peoples in North North America. It is considered "derogatory ... because it was given by non-Inuit people and means" raw meat eater "according to the Alaska Native Language Center.
"Linguists now believe that" Eskimo "is derived from an Ojibwa word that means" to snowshoe wet, "said the center, referring to the language of a tribe of indigenous peoples in the upper Midwest and Canada.
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