Eva Longoria Does Intense Weight Training And Yoga Sessions On The Reg

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1) She is more focused on weight training than cardio.
After posting this video on his Instagram, Eva's trainer Grant Roberts was inundated with questions about the type of workouts he does with Eva. When asked if she does cardio, he said: "Some ... but Eva looks like her because of the strength training :)"
Movements like inverted dumbbell flies (which Eva demonstrates so effortlessly in the video) are an amazing way to shape and strengthen your back. It can also help you improve your posture.
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2) She trains strength with cable machines.
If you have access to a gym (at home or otherwise), corded machines are a great alternative to free weights for weight training. Here Eva uses one to do rows of cable squats, a compound movement that gets her whole body to work. It makes this exercise look easy, but this movement is an important workout for your back, arms, core, and legs.
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3) She's really into TRX training.
Watch Eva use the TRX suspension system to crush a row of inverted rows (gosh!). The added instability of the ropes will cause your muscles to be activated and given momentum, which significantly increases the level of challenge. Her celebrity followers couldn't help but take note of her insane strength. "Beast mode," wrote Gabrielle Union in the comments. "Good God. Ok." added Debra Messing.
When asked about her training style, her trainer Grant Roberts told Hollywood Life that she is never in a bad mood and never works. "I mean, she's superhuman, I don't know how else to explain it," he said.
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4) Eva also likes to combine strength training and cardio.
Case in point: According to her trainer, she used this sled training as a warm-up exercise. This push and pull exercise is fantastic for strength and conditioning as it works your muscles while increasing your heart rate. Also, Eva has to work her whole body to move the sled back for it to count as a full body workout.
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5) She focuses on basic weight training.
Grant's technique with Eva? "Traditional old school strength training with some unique angles and movements," he told Hollywood Life. And here is an example of that. Eva does a deadlift variant that focuses on her hamstrings and lat pulldown muscles, Grant pointed out in his post she kills it. "Gettin 'PUMPED, girls !!!" commented Fit Queen, Hilary Swank. If deadlifting intimidates you, don't be. There are many beginner-friendly variations to get you started.
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6) She is committed to finding her balance.
Eva can be seen on her Instagram with a tripod headstand and an advanced yoga move that requires serious core strength and stability to tear off. ICYMI, yoga can be a great way to improve your flexibility and balance. Sure, Eva is a professional, but there are many beginner moves that will make it easier for you to practice asana.
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