Eva Mendes Loves These $4 Odor-Free Sponges So Much She Now Owns the Company

There are a few things you might know about Eva Mendes. She is a veteran actress in films, known for her roles in Training Day and Hitch. She is also married to the real Ken, Ryan Gosling, and has two children. But we bet you didn't know about her adorable obsession with scrubbing sponges — specifically these kitchen sponges from Skura Style on Amazon. These sponges are so loved by the Hollywood star that she is now a co-owner of the brand and its brand ambassador.
These next generation sponges are quick drying, highly absorbent and rinse everything completely clean. Most importantly, they will never smell. The foam of the odorless sponges has a unique agent that keeps it odor-resistant and prevents the spread of germs. That's right, your kitchen stays clean in every respect. It's no surprise that the Skura Style Sponges are award-winning and dubbed the "smartest sponge ever" according to the brand.
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With over 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon, it's fair to say they're likely to be your new favorite sponge, as they were for many reviewers. "[I] have tried many different kitchen sponges over the years and these are my favorites," said one Amazon shopper. "The scour side has a good scour feel, and the polyurethane side feels and wipes well."
Another reviewer called these scrubbing pads a kitchen savior, saying, "Skura to the rescue...even the best stains are now gone and my stovetop is sparkling." Unlike my old sponge, this sponge doesn't smell bad.”
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If you think you might like the sponges you already have, well we're here to tell you that change isn't always a bad thing. This is especially true when it comes to overused kitchen utensils. These celeb-loved sponges feature cool fading technology on their scrub side to indicate when the sponges should be replaced, and the monogram side slowly fades away to let you know it's time to say goodbye.
One reviewer wrote: "Wow these sponges are a game changer! To be honest, I never knew or appreciated the difference in sponges. I thought they were all the same. Boy was I wrong. These sponges will last so long and let you know when they need to be replaced! They're super absorbent and clean extremely well on even the toughest jobs.” And they're not wrong. The scouring pad is suitable for most surfaces from cookware to dishes to countertops without damaging them thanks to its non-abrasive exterior.
The Eva Mendes Approved Sponges are available in packs of four and eight and retail for $14.99 and $26.99, respectively. To break it down, each kitchen sponge is only worth $4! So you don't have to think twice about adding them to your cart.
It's time to make your kitchen more modern than ever. So why not start with Mendes sponges that work like magic for every cleaning purpose.
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