Even The Bros Of 'SNL' Can't Resist The Power Of Olivia Rodrigo's 'Drivers License'

Saturdays may be for the boys, but do let it know that Saturday Night Live is for men who are unfortunate enough to be female pop stars.
In this weekend's episode, hosted by Regé-Jean Page, the strength of Olivia Rodrigo's single "Drivers License", which has topped the charts for weeks, was tested when the song began playing in a room full of brothers.
"Sounds like a teenage girl singing with a piano in her room," says Mikey Day dismissively in the sketch above.
"That's the nice thing about it," says Page back. "You have a problem?"
The persistent group soon begins to debate the song's various influences, delving into the headline-grabbing love triangle that is supposed to be behind the lyrics, and debating whether Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish served as greater inspiration for Rodrigo's sound.
And then of course it turned out that they are all secret fans of the song but were just afraid to admit it.
"It's as if she had torn a page out of my diary," says Beck Bennett's pool shark, before immediately regretting his vulnerability: "I mean my notebook. I mean plain brown leather. I can neither read nor write."
But in the end no one can resist the pull of Rodrigo's song when the throbbing bridge strikes and the group band together arm in arm to unravel the lyrics.
The sketch randomly aired on Rodrigo's 18th birthday and the singer gave her seal of approval to its rendering.
"DRIVER LICENSE SNL SKETCH IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENTING," she tweeted after the sketch was broadcast, and later added on Instagram: "I'm losing my mind on an SNL sketch [about] driver's license omg."
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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