Everyone in the ‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ Trailer Is So Stinking Rich

Well done media
The first trailer for The Real Housewives of Dubai is finally here, and for a reality show set in the fiery desert, the drama is lukewarm at best. The only time a glass breaks is when a strong gust of wind blows off one of the ladies' hat and knocks someone's wine over.
What the trailer lacks in suspense, however, it makes up for in flamboyant displays of wealth. Bravo's first official international installment in the franchise, The Real Housewives of Dubai stars Nina Ali, Chanel Ayan, Caroline Brooks, Dr. Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan and Caroline Stanbury, former Ladys of London. And while Tuesday's preview doesn't give us much about the cast's characterizations, one thing is absolutely certain: These ladies are rich and rich.
They wear feathered gilded couture that is totally impractical but makes them resemble beautiful tropical birds. They have lunch by the pool in futuristic-looking five-star hotels. Clips from the season are interspersed with shots of yachts, banknotes fanned out, diamonds set in boulders and a truly hideous golden Lamborghini. Look out Sutton Stracke - and all the other Beverly Hills ladies for that matter - the Dubai Housewives are here to give you a race for your money.
Ayan gets the most screen time in the three-minute preview. Described as Dubai's first black supermodel, the striking socialite seems desperate to be the fan favorite. Delivering each one-liner with a hint of a wink, her words seem to be punctuated by the awareness that anything she says could be screenshotted, turned into a .GIF, and shared on Twitter. "There's a lot of gold here, and we have a lot of gold diggers, too," she says in a confessional with the slightest wiggle of her glossy, perfectly straight bob. She later says, "The only exercise I do is do my man."
The trailer is packed with your typical Housewives fare — a fashion show here, an insanely expensive wedding there. The women meet at cosmetic procedures, and a precocious little child drags his mother because she has been married three times. But there's also a, shall we say, Sex and the City 2 twist. The stage is equipped with instrumental Arabic music. There are no fewer than six camels (yes, I counted the camels) as if camel riding was a common pastime for Dubai residents. "In Dubai, women are anything but submissive," Stanbury says at one point, which feels odd?
"The real housewives" have chosen chaos in 2021. Can it survive?
Amazingly, what's most exciting about the trailer isn't anything the actual cast of the show do or say, but rather a cameo appearance by the former out-of-town housewife. The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks pops up in the final seconds and, in her typically Southern tone, demands, "Give me the tea, honey, I'm very thirsty today."
If the rest of the trailer didn't sell the new series enough, the promise of a Phaedra appearance is reason enough for this writer to tune in. The Real Housewives of Dubai premieres in just two weeks on June 1st.
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