Everything the New York Giants said after losing 28-20 to the Dallas Cowboys

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Everything the New York Giants players and coaches said after their 28-20 loss to the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on Thanksgiving.
All quotes are from the media departments of the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.
Coach Brian DaBoll
hard game. Give Dallas credit. hard game.
About the decision to go for 4th and 1st place. It looked like a catchable ball for Saquon Barkley.
Yes, they got the ball in the second half. [We] went down, took a lot of time. I thought it was a good chance to go ahead and get first place but we didn't get it.
If he thinks Barkley should have caught it.
Guys, we didn't convert it.
At this point, he sees the season at a crossroads.
No, I see it as preparation for playing Washington.
You seem more upset by this loss than past losses. What about this loss hits you hard?
Every loss hurts.
You seem a little more frustrated today, though.
I think we missed some chances. We have to do a better job. It starts with me
On what he saw on the first touchdown, which was negated because of the ineligible man in downfield.
You'll have to ask the officials about that.
On if he saw something on short passes from Daniel Jones that didn't seem to work.
About what was going on with some of his guys in the second half.
We cramped. I do not know.
Why they couldn't get Saquon to work even though they were in the game and how much it weighs on everything else.
Yeah, we didn't hear much. I don't know, we averaged ten feet or something? I thought Mike had a good plan how he came up with getting Daniel moving a bit and trying to loosen him up but never really got anything going, got no explosives. Gary (Brightwell) had a few towards the end but we definitely need to clean that up.
Wasn't Daniel, who keeps the ball on boots and plays like that, part of what was going on tonight because he didn't?
He had passing opportunities, so he eventually threw. No, he ran zone reads, boots. We just haven't done enough.
On the second half, play well in the first half but not in the second half.
Yes, they did a few plays. This team has a lot of good receivers and they made some good plays and I think we tried to mix it up and double down on certain guys. Give them credit, they've made some good games. Our boys competed, I thought. You've only done a few plays.
About how much they missed Adoree 'Jackson with the CeeDee Lamb matchup.
Well, certainly he's a good player, so I think you're missing all your good players that aren't out there. But I thought that the guys that were in there came out. It was a tough game. We started, I thought it was a good first half and we just didn't move much in the second half. And then they had the long ride, we didn't convert in fourth place, they got a little more in the end. The guys fought, we just didn't do enough.
About how tough a week has been for Andrew Thomas.
He wasn't feeling well. I would say he fought his way through today as well. Give a lot of credit to these guys who made it through and I certainly do.
At his level of confidence when it comes to getting things back on track.
Yes, just come back, do the same things we always do every week. Get ready to play a game. Take a break. It's been a tough 12 days. Of course we didn't get the results we wanted, but I think we just need to rest a bit, recover mentally, recover physically. Come back on Monday and get ready for another division game. You won't get any easier. Every week is tough and we stick to our training, our preparation, all the things we need to do to keep going and give ourselves a chance to win a game. But here, too, there are the ups and downs of a season.
Whether there are things that Saquon can do better or whether the possibilities are not in front of him.
I would say everyone needs to get better at the running game. It won't always be clean. There will be some ones, some twos. We missed some bigger plays that usually help in the running game. We just couldn't get through there. The locking, running, the design. We need to do a better job all around, I'd say, with the running game. train, execute. Of course we have to improve a lot. This is surely one of them.
Why they threw a lot early on and whether he expected to get the running game going afterwards.
Yes, we tried to push it a bit and be productive for him on first downs. Change the loss point. Their defensive line is hard to block, so some of these were almost like runs, if you will. Just perimeter runs, you know, the first game with cagers and sliders and stuff like that. Because we were out and about in the first half, including the third quarter, they didn't see much of it. Mike just put it in and tried to mix it in. We were third like three out of 11 and the longer ones – I would say six plus against this team is a very challenging place. Obviously we haven't done enough.
If he has his way, the first half of the season took a physical toll on Saquon.
no No, Saquon is out there trying to do whatever he can. We must do a better job together.
How he laid out his game plan after being unsure which boys would be ready earlier in the week.
We've put together the best game plan we could put together. There was definitely a chance, like I said, that we'd see it through to the end, but there was a chance that some people were missing. So I would say these guys did a good job all week. And you don't do much in a short week. You just don't have a lot of time to practice it, so I guess that's in a short week.
If he was looking for a shorter finish to build four-down territory in games three and ninth early in the fourth quarter.
I'd say there were a few times where we definitely knew we were in Foursome territory, so there's an element of falling a little short. If we need it, we'll do it in fourth place. Instead of fourth-and-nine, try making it four-and-four, fourth-and-three with the possibility of still getting it. I would say that happened a few times towards the end of the game.
Why he chose the fourth down game on the Saquon drop as opposed to the punting.
I thought we needed to change the momentum a bit after the second half. They went down and scored a goal. I thought Mike had a fair bit done. We had an opportunity. I thought it would be the right thing.
On the injuries to the boys who are out for a long time.
I would say probably not.
RB Saquon Barkley
He failed to secure on the fourth down pass: “I was trying to get down and secure the catch and I didn't make the play. ... Looking back, they went down and scored. He trusted that we would do it on the fourth down and one and that we would make the game and I didn't make the game for us there.
Why the running game isn't going like it did at the start of the season: “I have to do a better job. I need to go back and watch the movie and see what I can do better and I can give you a better answer. But aside from the first train of thought, if the running game doesn't work, it starts with the running back. I have to get better at that too.”
On the extended break before the next game: "Whenever we have a little free time, spend time with the family, get away from the game, it's always helpful. Use this time, let your body rest, let your mind rest. Come back and get ready for the stretch.”
On the half-time feeling: “We were 13:7 ahead. We said it's 0-0, we have to swing. We must react. We didn't do that."
Did he sense that coach Daboll was angry after the game: "He's a competitor. He's head coach. Like all of us, we hate to lose.”
Whether that loss feels different than the others, maybe because it was the Cowboys: "No, every time we lose, it sucks. You get that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. That pain in your stomach. Especially when there are a lot of things you can go back and if you change it you change the outcome of the game. You have to take your hat off to that, they were the better team today. We must take this time to prepare for Washington.”
Whether he changed the game or took a turn after his fourth and one: “I know you look from the outside in, you can point to a game and you say this can be the game. I try to stay away from that mindset. You obviously don't want to drop it while you're playing. It sticks in your head a little longer. But we still had an opportunity to go down and do more games. And there were so many other moves during the game that we didn't use either. I'm sorry I didn't take advantage of that. But I will continue to do better for the team in other situations.”
CB Darnay Holmes
On his matchup with CeeDee Lamb: "It's always been a great fight for him and me since college. He's a great player. I'm a great player. At the end of the day, that's how it goes. I look forward to this fight every year. I will never refuse, cheer up. That's it."
On what he could have done better, for example with the pass interference call: "I'll just watch the film and see what that was like. At the end of the day, the umpires say what they say. You just have to deal with that."
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