Everything you need to know about being a water sign

Astrology is so much more than knowing your zodiac sign and checking your horoscope regularly. In order to really understand how the cosmos can affect your daily life, a few things are important to understand them. For example, you could be a cancer, but an essential aspect of this identity is the elementary category it falls under, water. Watermarks, like their other three counterparts - air, fire and earth - share innate features with other zodiac signs in their element. The elementary grouping also shows similarities in the relationship of each sign to the natural world.
What does it actually mean to be a watermark? As we move into the cancer season, the zodiac's first watermark season, we talked to astrologer Lisa Stardust about what we should know. Get ready to feel some feelings, oceanic signs of the world, because water as an element can cause a lot of emotions.
What does it mean to be a watermark?
According to Stardust, the three watermarks - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - use "emotions and sentimentality to help them navigate their lives." Unlike air signs that are entirely guided by the intellect, watermarks are strictly guided by intuition and use gut feelings to guide their decisions. Some watermarks can even have empathic abilities because they are so in tune with emotions that they can pick up on others' feelings and internalize them as their own.
Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac also often seem to understand the future, and they let this ability drive them forward. Fish are the water-richest of the watermarks and will dreamily drive where their hearts lead them. Sometimes this can mean getting involved in a romanticized situation, but a fish prefers idealism to realism.
The ability of watermarks to put themselves in them also makes them excellent friends and partners. "They always want to encourage and help others, no matter what the cost is," says Stardust. Cancer, for example, is known as the mother figure of the zodiac. Even if it goes against their interests, cancer will be your shoulder to cry and get you out of a dark time.
Watermarks are sometimes sensitive to mistakes and also sense acute emotional conflicts. Scorpio is perhaps the best example of this; Scorpions take time if they trust others, and if they are ever cheated on, they will find no room for forgiveness. Although a scorpion has the ability to be a lifelong friend or loyal partner, you usually have a chance with it and that's it.
Who are watermarks compatible with?
Stardust says that watermarks are usually best compatible with earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - "because they rely on earth signs to substantiate their feelings." Like watermarks, earth signs share sentimentality, but are often more grounded. They value stability and romance with partners for whom watermarks are very open. In return, earth signs will have long conversations about emotions with watermarks to understand their partners on a deeper level. When earth and watermarks come together, this typically develops into long-term, meaningful relationships.

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