Ewan McGregor compares the Obi-Wan Kenobi series and Star Wars prequels: "I’m going to enjoy [filming] it all much more"

Rightly or wrongly, the Star Wars prequels have gained a certain reputation over the years. Episodes 1 to 3 in a distant galaxy correspond to Force Marmite - you either love them or you hate them.
While Ewan McGregor doesn't reveal which of the camps he's falling into, he has revealed that he's shooting the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney Plus series due to the big leaps in technology since the prequel trilogy.
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"I'll just enjoy everything a lot more," McGregor told ACE Universe. “Our technology is that when we came to Australia with the then new HD cameras, we shot [The Phantom Menace] on film and [Attack of the Clones], which is pretty much compared to what we have now primitive everything was blue screen and green screen. It was hard to imagine. Things have evolved so much these days. A lot of what you see will be what we see. "
McGregor was excited about the technology that Lucasfilm and ILM had developed at The Mandalorian. The Stagecraft screen projects a large 360-degree LED image of a background or landscape that can be seamlessly integrated into a scene. For McGregor, it could be transformative - and light years away from the chunky technology of the mid-2000s.
"When you're on the set, when you're in a snowy landscape or something, when you look around, you see that. They feel like they're in one place. It'll feel more real to us, the actors, I think we will will use some of this technology on our show, ”he said.
As for some Obi-Wan's plot details? These are not the spoilers you are looking for. McGregor kicked off all the exam questions from the as yet unnamed series by simply saying, "I know what it's about, but I'm not going to tell you."
Unless otherwise, we at least know that Lucasfilm continues to push the boundaries of technology - which is good news for us and a certain Ewan McGregor.
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