Ex-Prosecutor Warns: ‘More To Come’ After Trump Ally Tom Barrack Charged

Former federal attorney Barbara McQuade warned that after the indictment against Tom Barrack, longtime friend of ex-President Donald Trump, who is accused of secretly working for the UAE government, further charges could be brought.
On Tuesday's "The 11th Hour" airing on MSNBC, host Brian Williams asked McQuade if the charges against Barrack had been "read out" as if "there was more to come." Barrack, who headed Trump's Inaugural Committee, will plead not guilty to the indictment, a Washington Post spokesman said.
"Well, it does, only insofar as it names some additional people by label and category," replied McQuade, US attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan from 2010 to 2017 and now a legal analyst on the network.
The indictment spoke "for example of this congressman recommended by the UAE for ambassadorial position" and "executives who worked in the company Tom Barrack ran," she noted.
"Sometimes when you have referrals to others who have not yet been billed, it can mean additional fees apply," said McQuade.
McQuade suggested that when she was representing Barrack, her first phone call was "to tell the prosecutor, 'Is there any way I can work out a deal that my client will cooperate on?" "
"As a close advisor to Donald Trump and someone close to him, I, as a prosecutor, would be keen to investigate whatever Tom Barrack has to say about it," she added.
Check out the video above.
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