EXCLUSIVE: ‘Married at First Sight’ Alums Greg & Deonna Admit They’ve Got Babies on the Brain

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If you're as invested in a reality TV couple as the fans of Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeill of Married at First Sight, it's only natural to want to see them last. And luckily, Okotie and McNeill did just that. Since the couple became quick favorites in the ninth season of the Lifetime hit series, they have continued their love story off-screen - and ICYMI on social media, where their mutual bubbling melts their hearts. What's next in this reality TV fairy tale? Don't freak out, but ... maybe babies.
In an exclusive interview with SheKnows, Okotie and McNeill announced some important news about the possible direction of their future. When asked if they were thinking about starting a family, Okotie admitted playfully: "Yes, we are still thinking about it. Deonna has baby fever thanks to her nephew. And we talked about it when we first met : One and a half years based on Deonna's biological clock. One and a half years came quickly. Hopefully we'll have our first child by the end of next year. "
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They even thought about their birth plan, thanks in part to another MAFS alum. "After seeing Jamie's experience, it's beautiful and I think girl, she's super strong, but I don't think I have that in me," McNeill said of Jamie Otis' recent birth. "So I'm going to say I'm going to the hospital and taking drugs. Give me the epidural! I don't want to feel the pain. I don't think I'm built for home delivery."
While McNeill may not be ready for childbirth at home, Coronavirus quarantine means that she and Okotie are far more likely to be parenting these days. They told SheKnows that they were an even better team. "We have become stronger. We have learned more about our communication," said McNeill, adding: "I mean, we still have some of our problems, but in the end we learned so much more about ourselves than if we had another seen side by side. "
This level of communication will undoubtedly come in handy when they have children. And regardless of what decision the couple makes to give birth to their future babies, they have a solid support group to lean on. “I keep in touch with the girls from our season. We have a group chat that we have, so I keep in touch with them. But I think Jamie [Thompson] and Beth [Bice] are the closest we can communicate with personally, ”McNeill said.
In the meantime, they focus on building their business (they have a t-shirt line, Akpesiri) and appear on Married at First Sight: Couples' Cam - the latter was an adjustment because it was self-recorded. "It was hard because you want to be real and honest and we are, but sometimes we miss moments or do something funny and we say," Crap, we should have recorded that, "Okotie admitted." We have to remember to always have the camera near us. "
What fans of the series can expect behind the scenes, Okotie and McNeill emphasize that they only share what their real life as husband and wife looks like.
"People may think we're boring, but that's good for me. We're not here to entertain, we just live our lives. I think people only get an insight into our life together and what about we talk about what we deal with, how we deal with each other, how we grow together, "said Okotie. McNeill laughed and laughed:" I think people will be surprised at how much I get on Greg's nerves. "
Yes, it sounds like real life to us! Meet the couple on Married at First Sight: Couples' Cam, which airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT for life.
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