Excuse Me, But Why Does Everyone Hate Scorpios?

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Recently a friend of mine broke up with a Scorpio ... which means I've heard a lot about why we suck. Yes, I said "we" - I'm a Scorpio, and if that makes you sit back from your screen a bit, you might be one of the many Scorpio haters out there. If we are not the most despicable zodiac sign (Gemini will probably win this) then perhaps we are the most misunderstood ... and yes, I know, this is a very Scorpio-like thing.
But can you blame me When I started asking people about Scorpio hatred, even my closest friends had strong opinions. The friend (a Sagittarius) who dated a Scorpio told me we were being too careful, expecting others to read our minds, and holding excessive resentments about the smallest of problems. Another friend (a Gemini) told me that Scorps are self-centered, judgmental, and too quick to call out to others for perceived trifles. My roommate (a Cancer) said Scorpios are a textbook example of an avoidable attachment style - we keep others at bay to our own detriment.
When my IRL friends said all this, strangers were even tougher. (Yes, I tweeted and asked people to tell me why they hate Scorpios so all I have to do is blame myself.) One person emailed me, "I literally hate SCORPIOS" and then didn't reply, when I asked why. One fish told me we were "brutal, seductive, irrationally secret and somehow equally disjointed and emotionally avoidable". People who dated Scorpios had a lot to share: one said they were more like fuckbois, and another said their Scorpio ex "was the deepest, * weird * bad person I have ever met." Even some other Scorpios said they would never date another Scorpio again! "I'll say they were absolutely terrible people so I understand some of the hatred," one said of her two Scorpio exes.
Of course, I had to ask the pros if the Scorpio haters are right or if they're just jealous. In order to sway the argument in my favor, I only turned to other Scorpios. Drew Allen, founder of Angelite Astrology, told me that it is all about whether the Scorpio in question has used the inner work to become the best version of himself. "When you come across a Scorpio who doesn't lead the life they were meant to be or feels misunderstood around them, the negative stereotypes will seep out," she said. “An evolved Scorpio will love you unconditionally, give you great advice, protect you, and use their passionate energy to fight for charity. Scorpios must learn to use their power forever. "
Lerato, an astrology student who runs the Musings Abroad platform, added that some Scorpio haters are likely to have had bad experiences with Scorpios, but others may avoid facing their own Scorpio-like traits. "What does Scorpio represent to you that you don't want to see, so that instead of recognizing it in yourself you want to hate an entire zodiac sign?" She asks.
One thing struck me: the only people who have more to say about the negative traits of Scorpios than about their exes are ... Scorpios himself. "My brother is convinced that I could commit murder just because I'm a Scorpio", one said to me. Another said, “We spend so much energy hiding our feelings and keeping it private that other people are likely to find it cold. The truth is, we feel so deeply that we cannot afford to share this with everyone. "
Mia Lardiere, Cosmo's Snapchat editor and another Scorpio colleague (in fact, it's the same day) sent me a link to an old hairpin article entitled "Astrology is Wrong, but Scorpio is Extremely True". It begins: “It should be illegal to be a Scorpio. It should be a war crime. It should be one thing that you can only view a scorpion from a distance of two hundred meters while wearing a protective head covering. If you are a Scorpio and you are reading this, quit. You smile in a way that I don't appreciate. "
Hmm, you might be thinking That all sounds suspicious ... bragging? Well, I have a theory: Scorpios live off scorpio hatred. It makes us stronger. "You think I'm a sex maniac who cuts you off without notice? Sure, I can be!" Said one Scorpio. Another added, "When I find out I'm a Scorpio, people will get away with me intimidated, hey, I'll take it (and honestly lean into it). "
Support for my theory: Many of the Scorpios I have spoken to felt a little uncomfortable with their sun sign when they were younger. So did I - when I first picked up an astrology book in middle school, I decided I felt more like Sagittarius, the sign after Scorpio, because Scorpio's dark, sexy vibe was too intimidating for me (and it turned out out) My moon, Mercury, and Venus are all in Sag, so I had a point. But as I got older I hugged my sun sign and am now a proud Scorpio.
Narayana Montúfar, Senior Astrologer at Astrology.com and Horoscope.com, had a similar experience. “I love being a Scorpio! It wasn't easy to learn to be myself, but when I realized that my emotional depth is a strength, not a weakness, things turned around for me, ”she said. "And I'm not afraid of being intense either." You see, the qualities that many hate in Scorpios - reticence, intensity, fascination with the dark - can be positive when properly looked at. As Narayana puts it: "We are not for everyone, but do we even want to be?" I say no!"
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