Exotic drone footage of the largest beach in Athens, Greece

Just 45 minutes from Athens International Airport, we fly over Schinias Beach, a really beautiful and spacious beach in Athens.
Kilometers of golden sand combine with a unique ecosystem and pine forest and form the so-called "Schinias National Park".
The area is a popular destination for Athens residents during the summer months and it is very easy to see why from the video.
A few words about the area:
Schinias or Schinias is a coastal area in northeast Attica and a small settlement. It is located at the northeast end of the Marathon Plain in the coastal zone and has one of the largest beaches in Attica. In the area of ​​Schinias, marshes form, which are an important wetland area. Schinias also has one of the largest pine forests in Greece (Schinias are the most important pine forests in Greece along with the Strofilia forest in Achaia and the Koukounaria forest in Skiathos).
From time to time it was used for filming (e.g. 1971 in the film Abuse of Power with Nikos Kourkoulos, where the film finale takes place in Schinias, and in 2008 in the film I4 - Loofah and Discharge, where the warehouse is on the island property, in Forest of Schinias)
Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou loved Schinias Beach and often started his day with a swim there very early in the morning before going to his office.
Enjoy the flight!

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