Experts: Ballistics report shows Louisville officer was shot by Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, not by 'friendly fire'

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Firearms experts say a ballistic report from the Kentucky State Police shows that Breonna fired Taylor's friend that wounded a Louisville officer and ordered police to return fire and kill Taylor.
Authorities said the four-page report rejected the theory that Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly was hit by "friendly fire" from his own officers and supports Attorney General Daniel Cameron's conclusion that the 9mm cartridge that severed Mattingly's femoral artery comes from the gun fired by Kenneth Walker.
The ballistics report, which is part of the investigation file released Wednesday by Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, shows that only one 9mm cartridge case was found in Taylor's apartment. Walker had previously confirmed that he had fired a shot with his 9mm Glock pistol.
The Courier Journal, part of the USA TODAY Network, previously reported that in an abbreviated report by the State Police, "due to limited markings of comparative value," the 9mm bullet that hit and left Mattingly's thigh was neither identified as fired nor disposed of "by Walker's weapon.
Louisville Metro Police Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly
Cameron previously said Hankison was eliminated as a shooter because the three officers all wore .40 caliber handguns while Walker had a 9mm.
One of Walker's attorneys, Steve Romines, said personnel files show that Hankison was also issued a 9mm pistol and may have used it during the search to shoot Mattingly.
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But Charles Stephenson, a Kansas City-based gun instructor and security advisor who is a former FBI agent, said in an email that the recovery of a single 9mm bullet from the crime scene went along with Walker's admission that he once fired , this shows must have been the shooter.
Melissa Oberg, a firearms examiner from Indianapolis, also said the round must have been fired by Walker.
Mattingly's attorney Kent Wicker said it was "absurd" to think Hankison changed guns during the shooting, in which officers fired 32 times.
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In a series of texts, Romines said he was still not convinced that Walker fired the shot that wounded Mattingly.
Romines said there is no way to determine that Mattingly was partially shot at 9mm "because no round was recovered from him".
Romines also said there is no difference between the wound caused by a 9mm and 40 caliber round because they are so tight.
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The report said 32 shell casings were found from 40-caliber cannons, corresponding to the number of rounds investigators said were fired by three officers - Mattingly, Detective Myles Cosgrove, and former Detective Brett Hankison.
Walker said he fired a "warning shot" because he thought someone was trying to break in.
Despite being armed with a no-knock arrest warrant, Mattingly and other officials have repeatedly said they knocked and announced they were police officers before breaking down Taylor's door to try to search their home for drugs and cash.
No drugs or cash were found in the apartment.
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This article originally appeared in the Louisville Courier Journal: Breonna Taylor Case: Report shows friend shot officer, experts say
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