Extended Vikings Scene Reveals Lagertha's Bittersweet Final Wish

If you're all trapped by history's Vikings, you know about Lagertha's triumphant high from White Hair, after which she embarked on an unfortunate hike back to the Kattegat.
But why did Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) go solo on this important final trip after being badly wounded in battle? An extended scene from Season 6's sixth episode, "Death and the Serpent," sheds light on the Shield Maiden's decision to become Queen and reveals what her last - and bittersweet - words were to Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars). .
In Winnick's last on camera episode, Lagertha had led Gunnhild and the rest of her community into a rather cunning battle that fought off bandits and forced them to retreat. After that, Lagertha knocked it out with White Hair and took a truly philanthropic victory when she appeared dejected for the count.
In a subsequent scene, Lagertha told Gunnhild that she had to go back to the Kattegat to tell Ubbe and Torvi and the others what happened. On the aired version, Gunnhild insists on participating, but her offer is rejected. In the extended version above, Lagertha goes into more detail about why she bans Gunnhild's company. The extended scene also makes it clear that Lagertha sensed that her time on this mortal plane was almost over. And with that in mind, she makes one final request to Gunnhild before she leaves - a wish that has never been in danger of going unfulfilled.
Press "Play" at the top to see the full, expanded scene. This is just one of the additional features of Warner Bros. Home Entertainments Vikings: Season 6 Vol. 1.1, available October 13th on Blu-ray and DVD.
In addition to all 10 hour-long episodes from the first half of the Vikings' farewell run, the Blu-ray and DVD sets contain special features such as the featurette "The Legacy of Lagertha", an audio commentary on "The Best Laid Plans" "Also known as that Mid-season finale and other deleted scenes.
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