Extreme misogynist incels are pledging support for Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito's missing boyfriend and person of interest in her murder

Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito. North Harbor Police Station
Brian Laundrie, friend of Gabby Petito and interested in her death, is wanted by the FBI.
Extreme online subcultures support Laundrie and talk derogatory about Petito.
The contributions give an insight into the “manosphere”, a misogynistic corner of the internet that is explicitly anti-feminist.
An FBI manhunt for Gabby Peitio's boyfriend Brian Laundrie continues when the 23-year-old returned to his parents' home in North Port, Florida on September 1, but left ten days later and has not been seen since.
Inside reporters Connor Perrett, Rebecca Cohen and Natalie Musumeci detailed the full timeline of events, from meeting Petito and Laundrie to a person interested in their murder. She was strangled in Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming, a coroner confirmed Tuesday.
Her family on Long Island lost communication with her in late August when she was with Laundrie on the Van Life road trip west.
The young couple's complicated relationship - with reports of abuse by and by both parties - has heated social media conversation about them.
Certain groups are particularly supportive of Laundrie. Corners of the manosphere - an internet subculture devoted to men's rights and misogyny - urge people to defend it.
The FriendsOfBrian subreddit, created for satirical jokes in "Support" for Brian Laundrie, has many posts standing up for him. One follower wrote: “The funny thing is if you just swap the sexes in this case, then everyone would defend Gabby as if they had acted in self-defense before an abusive friend.
"She would not spend a single day in jail either and would be asked to speak at computer abuse conferences about" how to defend oneself against one's abuser. "
The poster describes women as "bloodthirsty, vengeful feminist SIMP mobs from self-proclaimed narcissistic KARENS".
Reddit post on R / FriendsOfBrian subreddit Reddit / Insider
Police bodycam footage of the couple fighting in their van gave commentators an opportunity to make rough, intimate comments about the young woman.
A mod bot, a moderator bot, part of the system that automatically performs tasks within a server on the channel, wrote under each post: "Brian Laundrie is a victim of domestic violence who wrongly slanders a pathetically uninformed public in court becomes opinion. "
Others call people who plead for Petito's death or express their sadness about it "angry femcels".
They gave Petito the cruel nickname "Flabs" and called the 22-year-old women "whores".
One user writes, "glad that he took care of the perpetrator."
What do we know about the manosphere
The contributions give an insight into the so-called manosphere, the network of websites and forums that offer misogynistic content that extols male supremacy.
The Southern Poverty Law Center calls it an "underworld of misogynists, misogynists whose anger extends well beyond criticism of the family court system, domestic violence laws, and false rape allegations ... women (or at least westernized)."
Laura Bates, author and founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, writes that it is easy to assume that virtual hostility is being quarantined within the confines of the internet.
“The offline impact of the murderers, who took the Incel beliefs to heart, experienced radicalization online and put their ideas into practice with real bullets and blades, is the devastating proof that such an assumption is no longer of the Truth might be removed. ”- Laura Bates, Men Who Hate Women
The manosphere is accused of inspiring Jake Davison, the gunman who killed five people and himself in Plymouth, southern England, and Elliot Roger, who initiated the 2014 mass shooting of Isla Vista at a sorority house at the University of California, Santa Barbara , has committed.
Before he continued his rampage, Roger posted a video and written manifesto attacking women for not sleeping with him and saying, “You girls never attracted me. I don't know why you girls aren't attracted to me, but I'll punish you all for it. "
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