F1 Red Bull Racer Goes Up Against Bugatti Chiron

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These crazy cars are ready to compete against each other to secure the position of the fastest performance vehicle in the world.
When it comes to high-performance racing cars, two vehicle types stand out as the fastest automobiles in the world. One of these two vehicles is the famous Formula 1, while the second is significantly more consumer-oriented. Of course we're talking about Bugatti, the most popular German / French supercar maker of all time. These great cars have broken records left and right since their first conception decades ago. Speed ​​is critical with this high-rev performance, and racing cars are reaching the limits of what an internal combustion engine can do, and today we'll see who is faster.
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In one lane sits a beautiful Bugatti Chiron with an 8.0-liter W16 engine that generates 1,479 hp with the help of four turbochargers. The powerhouse that drives the F1 car to its top speed is a 2.4 liter V8 powerhouse that doesn't require any additional assistance from forced induction to get big figures of horsepower. These cars will compete against each other in three races so see who will take the title of the most aerodynamic, lowest and most powerful beast. The driver of the cars will be the owner of the Chiron in the Bugatti and a retired F1 racing driver from around 13 years ago. We know these drivers know their cars better than anyone.
Eventually the two cars competed in the first race; While both vehicles got off to a great start, the F1 car drove away quickly as it drove past the Bugatti with vicious force. Race two was a little different, the cars kept up with each other for a while. After a few seconds of head-to-head racing, the F1 driver was still pulling through and taking victory. The third race went the same way, with the Bugatti finishing the quarter mile in just 9.6 seconds while the F1 car finished the race in 9.2 seconds. The winner here is clear; Let's hope we'll see a lot of these races in the future.
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