Facebook taking ‘very aggressive measures” to remove vaccine misinformation: Carolyn Everson

Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Facebook's Global Business Group, discusses the social network's actions during the COVID-19 pandemic with Andy Serwer.
Video transcript
ANDY SERWER: There were other people spreading misinformation about vaccines, Carolyn. What did you guys do to fight that? And how did that develop?
CAROLYN EVERSON: Yes, so we are taking very aggressive steps to remove misinformation about vaccines from the platform. We have fact checkers in dozens of countries around the world really working 24/7 to investigate not only vaccine misinformation but also misinformation in a broader sense. We see it as imperative to try to remove misinformation from the platform and redirect people to accurate information, which is why the vaccine center is so important.
ANDY SERWER: Let me ask you about your core tasks, which is advertising on the platform. What is the business like now? Is it gaining ground or has it been consistent throughout the pandemic and going on? How would you describe it?
CAROLYN EVERSON: Well, we're right ahead of the result. Therefore, I cannot comment on our current performance. But what I can do is maybe give you some historical review. There is no question that there has been an acceleration in digital transformation in 2020, as we mentioned earlier, an acceleration in certain categories of businesses that have really been able to take advantage of categories like e-commerce, games and retail and gain market share, especially those who have gone through the transformation.
And there were other categories that were really struggling, categories like travel. And everyone is excited to see how this category will play out based on vaccination rates and people's willingness to travel. But I would say if you look at 2020 historical data and see the macro trends of advertisers using digital tools, obviously this was a very important year for this shift and I think we have a really valuable role to play have played in helping businesses grow.
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