Fact-check: No evidence ex-N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is on ventilator for COVID-19

Claim: Former N.J. Governor Chris Christie is on a ventilator for COVID-19 treatment.
The minimal information about the condition of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has sparked speculation on social media that he is critically ill with COVID-19.
Christie entered Morristown Medical Center on October 3 after testing positive for the virus. He was still there on October 8th. When he checked in, he said he had mild symptoms. NJ.com reported that Christie and his doctors have been publicly silent about his treatment and condition.
Christie initially reported on his hospital stay and wrote on Twitter: "In consultation with my doctors, I checked into Morristown Medical Center this afternoon. Although I feel fine and have only mild symptoms, my history of asthma has determined that this is important Precaution. "
News reports also found that in addition to asthma, Christie was overweight, which could increase the risk for the virus.
On October 7, a Twitter user, Jacqueline Anne Thompson, posted a one-sentence claim: "Chris Christie is in intensive care and is said to be on a ventilator." She did not offer any information to support the claim, nor did she disclose who reported her.
The tweet was also copied and posted on Facebook by Okay, Boomer, who among many other social media users calls himself a personal blog.
Quickly expose the ventilator claim
Three reports from New Jersey shot down the ventilator's claim:
On October 7, Matt Katz, a WNYC reporter who covered Christie for more than five years, tweeted that the former governor of N.J. "IS NOT ON A VENTILATION.
"This is false information spreading on Twitter," wrote Katz. "I spoke to several people who phoned the governor daily after he was admitted to Morristown Medical Center for Covid + testing. They say he is in a good mood." & get good care. "
Tom Moran, columnist for the Star Ledger in Newark, wrote that he spoke to Christie on Oct. 5 and that the former governor "sounded scratchy but didn't cough a single time during the 10-minute chat." He added that Christie didn't want him to share certain details of his health or treatment.
The Star Ledger reported Oct. 7 that Christie was "in good spirits and under good care," citing "a source with knowledge of the situation." According to the unidentified source, a rumor "shot down" that Christie was on a ventilator.
To a query from the US TODAY, Nick Ares, OK, Boomer replied, "So he's not on a ventilator? Day ruined." When asked if the site plans to update the blog, Ares said, "I deleted it. But I'll post it again when this fascist enabler actually works on a ventilator."
USA TODAY sought a response from Twitter user Jacqueline Anne Thompson but did not get an immediate response.
On her Twitter feed, Thompson posted a note that read, "Apparently I didn't do this in the correct order and people only see this when they scroll down, which they don't. The article is not my source, but should be a comparison. " Period, what we were told versus the facts. My sources are anonymous. 2 is media, 1 is not "The top of the tweet identifying the sender has been cut off.
Politifact has classified the ventilator's claim as false.
Our verdict: wrong
There is no evidence to back up the claim that Christie is working on a ventilator. We rate this claim as FALSE.
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This article originally appeared in the US TODAY: Fact Checking: No Evidence Chris Christie is on the ventilator for COVID-19

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