Family Camps Out at Animal Shelter for 27 Hours to Adopt Dog with Heart-Shaped Patch of Fur

This dog has her heart on her chest!
An adorable dog with a unique heart-shaped fur spot found her "home forever" thanks to a social media post!
Last week, Oklahoma's Broken Arrow Animal Shelter shared a picture of the striking-looking Border Collie on Facebook, which has been shared over 27,000 times, according to Fox23 News.
After receiving hundreds of answers about the dog, a family went one step further to make the lovable dog part of their family.
As of 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 27 hours before the puppy could be adopted, a Tulsa family started waiting outside the shelter, Fox23 News reported.
According to the shelter's website, all stray animals must be kept there at least five days after arrival before they can be adopted. Adoptions are also subject to availability, which explains the family's willingness to get to the shelter's parking lot as quickly as possible.
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The animal shelter in Oklahoma shared the good news on Facebook the next day.
"This precious girl has touched the hearts of people in the United States and we are happy to inform you that she has found her new home forever !!!" They write. "Thank you to everyone who shared our post."
"I'm so happy that she has a new happy home," wrote one Facebook user while another added. "I wish we could see more happy ends like this."
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Regarding the dog's new home, Kyle Johnson told Fox23 News that the dog he and his family want to call Luna will be given to his sister-in-law as a wedding gift.
The Broken Arrow Animal Shelter informed the news agency that they still look after around 50 dogs and cats, all of whom need a good home.
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