Family shielded unnecessarily for 14 weeks after receiving NHS letter in error

Vicky Heywood and her three children have been protecting for 14 weeks. (To reach)
A family has spent 14 weeks shielding unnecessarily after the NHS incorrectly sent them a letter.
Vickie Heywood received a letter on April 2 advising her household to protect herself because her one-year-old son Harlie, who had suffered from bronchitis in the past, was at risk.
Since receiving the letter, the 29-year-old and her three sons, aged one, seven and 13, have not left home in Sale, Manchester, except to go to their garden.
Millions of people were advised to shield themselves at the start of the coronavirus lock, with strict restrictions pushing them to stay indoors.
A few weeks after the Corona virus was blocked, Heywood, who also contacted her local family doctor to ensure that the advice was correct, received a text message explaining that the shield had been expanded and that she should continue to follow the guidelines.
Vickie Heywood was shocked to receive a letter telling her that she should be shielded by mistake. (To reach)
But the mother of three was shocked when she received another letter on Wednesday (June 24) explaining that the original letter had been sent by mistake, and she was one of a number of people who had been wrongly told , you should protect yourself.
The letter said: “Unfortunately, due to a reporting error, we misidentified a number of people who may not need to be shielded. We are very sorry that this happened.
"We are writing to inform you that after reviewing your child's medical record, we are now of the opinion that your child does not meet the medical criteria for screening and no longer needs to be screened."
Heywood now demands an explanation for the mistake that has unnecessarily protected her and her family for more than three months.
She told the Manchester Evening News: "I couldn't believe it. I burst into tears. I'm struggling with lockdown anyway. I am alone with three children, that really rounded it off. "
The mother of three is now asking for an explanation of how the error occurred. (To reach)
She said she sometimes had difficulty getting grocery stores and was forced to rely on family and neighbors.
“I enjoyed spending time with my sons, but it was also difficult.
"My son is the most vulnerable, he has had bronchitis a few times. I thought that made sense. It could have been worse, I could have gone out and then caught it.
“When I first approached the doctor's office, they said I had to follow the guidelines.
"I would like an explanation of what happened."
A spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs said, “We understand how difficult this time is, especially for people with long-term illnesses, and we do everything we can to support the patient.
“Due to the clinical evaluation of their family doctor, people are regularly added and removed from the list of shields. More than two million patients have been classified as clinically extremely vulnerable.
"General practitioners are best able to advise on the needs of their individual patients at this time. If anyone has concerns, they should be added to the list and they should discuss this with their GP."
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