Famous QAnon Couple Featured In Documentaries Arrested In Capitol Attack

Jamie and Jennifer Buteau, members of the QAnon conspiracy movement, were arrested in connection with the attack on the Capitol. (Photo: Vice / YouTube)
Federal authorities have arrested a Florida couple previously featured in coverage of the QAnon conspiracy movement related to the Capitol riot.
The couple - 48-year-old Jamie Buteau and 44-year-old Jennifer Buteau - were arrested in Florida Thursday morning and will appear in court for the first time this afternoon. Jamie Buteau faces more serious charges over pictures exposed by federal investigators of throwing a chair at Capitol police officers during the January 6 attack.
Federal authorities say this picture shows a QAnon documentary star throwing a chair at Capitol cops. (Photo: FBI)
He faces charges of obstructing law enforcement during the civil unrest; Attack, resistance or obstruction by officials; and physical violence on the Capitol grounds. Both Jamie and Jennifer Buteau are charged with disorderly and disruptive behavior in a restricted building; Parades, demonstrations, or pickets in a Capitol building; and other offenses.
The couple entered the Capitol through a broken window, according to federal authorities. They spent about 20 minutes inside.
Jennifer and Jamie Buteau in the Capitol on Jan. 6 (FBI Photo)
The Buteaus appeared in "Q: Into The Storm," a documentary that aired on HBO earlier this year. They were previously interviewed by Vice News after attending a rally for then-President Donald Trump in 2018. Jamie Buteau was holding a "Q" sign and believed that Trump had sent a signal to QAnon by pointing at him.
"[Trump] backs it up by doing these little things and letting us know he's hearing us," Jamie Buteau said on the Vice News special.
Jamie Buteau was listed as FBI Suspect # 188 on the FBI website. As an indication that facial recognition may have been involved in his case, the picture federal agencies released to publicize their search for him was from the 2018 Trump rally. It was taken by a photographer for the Tampa Bay Times. While Jamie Buteau is not named in the caption, he is featured in the accompanying Times story, meaning the FBI could have identified him through open source research.
Instead, according to an FBI affidavit, a member of the public gave the FBI a reference to the Vice News video. Three tipsters also told the FBI that Jennifer Buteau entered the Capitol. On Facebook, she claimed that "Antifa infiltrated Trump supporters for the cameras".
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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