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Kim Kardashian
Just a week after younger sister Khloé Kardashian came under fire for "shape-changing" in her last overly (some might argue badly) edited Instagram post, Kim Kardashian has come under fire from fans for her post also containing obvious photoshopped was faced with allegations. When will they learn?!
Fans spot thigh-related Photoshop errors
The latest Photoshop fail occurred on Thursday, November 17, when the 42-year-old Skims founder posted a carousel of images to her Instagram account to promote some of the pieces in the brand's new holiday collection. Kim knows the best way to promote the products is to model them herself and that's exactly what she did. But instead of being excited about the pieces, many of her fans were puzzled by a small detail on some of the pictures. And that little detail was the fact that Kim had apparently grown a third thigh!
If you look closely at the picture of Kim in a bikini, you'll see that she actually has two right legs, which appears to be due to one being layered on top of the other. An easy mistake to make in Photoshop - and obviously even easier for fans to spot on social media!
Fans react to Kim's Photoshop fail
The comments section on Kim's post is extremely entertaining to read as it contains many funny comments from her fans! "What's happening here with Kimothy?" One fan asked, adding, "It literally looks like there's a seam on her inner thigh." "Does she have two left legs?" another fan asked, to which one replied, "I was going to ask the same thing," followed by crying laughing emojis.
"What's up with the thighs and do they go over the underwear or what?!" asked another confused fan. "It's the zipper on her skin suit, obviously," joked another. "I'm worried about the double thigh," said another.
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@caroline_in_thecity Nerd with me and test your media skills! Can you spot what is fake in this picture? #medialiteracy #photoshopskillsonfleek #carolinesediting #photoshopgametime #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo Original sound - Caroline In The City
Kim's previous Photoshop fails
All of the Kardashian/Jenners have been guilty of the Photoshop blunder on multiple occasions, although we believe Kim is one of the biggest and most common culprits. Back in September, fans slammed her for Photoshopping her neck in a post promoting her Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Earbuds collection. It was so obvious that the before and after was featured in a viral TikTok video with over 1.5 million likes! She was also guilty of photoshopping her now-ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson on multiple occasions, as well as her leg in a beach photoshoot earlier in the year.
What did Kim say about her Photoshop mistakes?
To her credit, Kim hasn't been shy about talking about her Photoshop mistakes, sometimes joking about them, and sometimes providing what she sees as valid explanations for them.
For the now infamous "True Thompson at Disneyland" scandal, in which Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's daughter was faded into a picture of Kim and Kanye West's daughter Chicago (instead of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's daughter Stormi, who Kylie reportedly didn't want to have it on social media) Kim said it's less about who is in the picture and more about the pink and blue hues in the picture, which go with the rest of her Instagram grid.
"You heard it here first: It's not a big scandal. I just wanted my grid to be pink and blue," Kim confessed on The Kardashians. She also admitted changing the look of the carpet at a hotel where she and then-boyfriend Pete were staying to avoid revealing her location.
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Kim Kardashian
American television and social media personality

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