Fans are still showing up to David Dobrik's house during the lockdown and he's had to ask them to stay away yet again

David Dobrik doesn't want fans to come to his home.
NBC, David Dobrik
David Dobrik told fans not to show up at his house again.
He posted a message on his Instagram story about a video of a family at his door.
He said it's not fun when this happens - it's just cumbersome and "a little scary".
Dobrik likes fans to talk to him on the street, but he wants them to respect his privacy in his own home.
But it still happens, even during the ban.
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David Dobrik had to send the fans away from home again. The YouTuber has had a problem for a while now with strangers knocking on his door and trying to speak to him in his own house.
He posted a message on his Instagram story that overlayed a video he had taken of a family standing in the door with blurry faces.
"Guys. I appreciate you so much. I promise !! But please, please, don't come to my house," he said. "It's not fun. It's just awkward."
In the video, a boy's parents say he is a big fan and they have traveled "so far" while Dobrik tries to get them to leave. He tells them that he can't let them take a picture or say hello to the boy, because that would set a precedent for the people who keep coming back to his home.
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He said he loves fans coming and saying hello when he's on the go, but getting to his house is "a bit scary".
"Especially because everyone is a stranger," he said. "And Mama Dobrik always says 'foreign danger'."
Back in December, Dobrik shared videos of people knocking on his door and urged fans to stay away.
"It's crazy that I still make these stories. I literally feel like a broken record. I sound like my parents," he said. "But please stop coming here. I don't want to have to move, but that's terrifying."
Another person appeared ten minutes after posting.
"This is crazy, I literally just posted," he said in a video that was reposted on Twitter. "Are you looking at this at all? Stop coming here!"
Kaitlyn Moran
@ kmm2101
December 28, 2019
Reply to @ kmm2101
Seriously, this is ridiculous ... if you are a great David Dobrik fan I am too ... he loves you and your support, but ZIP LEAVE THE GUY ALONE !! Give him the respect and privacy he deserves, stop walking to his house every 10 minutes !! I love you @DavidDobrik
Kaitlyn Moran
@ kmm2101
For loud screaming ... LEAVE HIM ALONE ... Just leave the poor guy alone !! I am a big David Dobrik fan and it breaks my heart that he has to keep repeating himself because you keep coming to his house! STOP, let him have the respect and privacy he deserves !! @ DavidDobrik
10:17 a.m. - December 28, 2019
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