Fans Rally Around Erin Napier After She Shared Heartbreaking News on Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram / Erin Napier & Getty
Erin Napier took to Instagram to share sad news with her fans: her dog Baker recently passed away.
Fans and followers immediately flooded the comments with messages of love and support.
Our hearts go out to the Napier family, who mourn a very special family member: their dog Baker. The HGTV star, designer, and new mom of two posted an update on her Instagram account on Saturday, July 24th, telling fans the news of her dog's death. "All dogs go to heaven ❤️ we (and especially them) will miss Baker. grateful for the 12 years he has lived," says Erin's caption. She shared a cute picture of her eldest daughter Helen hugging Baker.
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Of course, Erin's followers and friends were quick to express their condolences. Ree Drummond wrote: "I'm so sorry.?" while Jenny Marrs wrote, "Oh Erin. I'm so very sorry.?"
Fans also added longer condolences, such as "? Losing a pet means losing a family member who is so sorry" and "??? I'm so sorry for your loss. Dogs are the heart of the home."
Another user wrote, "They are your best hello and you are the saddest goodbye. All the memories will make you smile again one day and that will never go away."
Pets undoubtedly hold a very special place in our hearts and we hope that Erin, Ben and little Helen and Baby Mae will feel all the love from near and far as they go through this difficult time.
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