Fans Say Kelly Osbourne Is a "Goddess" As She Posts New Instagrams Showing Off Her Weight Loss

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Kelly Osbourne, 35, shares more Instagram photos and selfies revealing her 85 pound weight loss transformation.
The new I Can Hear Your Voice judge recently announced that she had undergone gastric cuff surgery to help her on her weight loss journey.
Friends and fans have been encouraging the former fashion police presenter since her honest reveal.
After stunning fans with a personal reveal she once kept a secret, Kelly Osbourne continues to surprise Instagram followers with photos of her slim body. At the end of the summer, Kelly announced that she had silently had gastrointestinal surgery almost two years ago to maintain her weight loss. But the final round of Kelly's selfies and shared photos shows the hard work the television icon has put into keeping her slim figure.
Fans couldn't help but rave about a new video that Kelly shared (with a quippy Sylvia Plath caption, no less!) That shows a slim jacket and bare cleavage. "Beautiful," wrote friend Adrienne Bailon, while famous fitness trainer Jeremy Kost said Kelly looked like "such a rock star". Fellow actress and buddy Vanessa Hudgens summed up all of the 900+ comments of compliments and reactions perfectly with one word: "Goddess".
While Kelly hasn't released any more photos with the revealing outfit, photographers caught Australian host Got Talent wearing figure-hugging jeans and a secured face mask en route to lunch. The outfit perfectly demonstrated Kelly's total fitness transformation, as she recently announced that she lost a total of 85 pounds in an insightful Instagram exchange in July.
The 35-year-old previously announced that she reinvented her fitness and nutrition routines long before her stomach surgery. "I did it, I'm proud of it," she told the hosts on the Hollywood Raw podcast. "I will never, never lie about it, never. It's the best thing I've ever done." According to previous reports from People, Kelly has worked extensively with a private trainer over the past few years to introduce a new fitness routine. It is reported that Kelly may also enjoy a flexible diet, where she often eats healthy plant-based vegan meals as often as possible (while enjoying other products in moderation).
Kelly's own stance on her image and diet has largely evolved over the years. Her positive attitude towards body image is more evident today than ever before, especially after reading up on her journey of sobriety. "I'm [in a great place]. I've been sober for almost two years, and it completely changed my life ... I didn't think I could do anything if I wasn't drunk or high because I was scared of everything I let it get better of me, "she shared on a live episode of the British talk show Lorraine. She added that achieving goals became easier after embracing her own imperfections: "I accepted the fact that I - and I know I have said that all my life, but I really understand it now." - am not perfect and never going to be and I don't want to be. "
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