Fans Think Brie Bella Is Pregnant Again Because of This Video & Can We Stop With This Already?

There are so many things that happen on social media that need to stop, but today we are invoking the completely inappropriate practice of assuming that a woman is pregnant because of her body. We've likely passed it on to our friends and ordinary people who we don't even know, but it's especially prevalent for those in public. Mother of two, Brie Bella recently posted a clip on social media and "fans" were quick to join in with comments asking if she was pregnant with baby number three.
What sparked the rudeness is the latest post on Brie's Instagram account promoting a bag collection with her twin sister Nikki. As the sisters leave a front door, Nikki is wearing jeans and a white cropped tank top with a belt pocket, and Brie is wearing a cute curvaceous green dress, denim jacket, and tote bag. There's a quick close-up of the bags, the twins pose a little and it's over. They look cute and happy - there isn't much else to see, is there?
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But if you take a look in the comments section, it's full of comments like, “I see a little bump”, “I think she's pregnant! If you look at past videos with strollers, she didn't exaggerate like Nikki ”and“ Somebody is pregnant again ”.
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Let's just state that it is rude to assume that a woman is pregnant because of her appearance. Even if you put a heart eye emoji after the comment. Some people still have no clue that a woman's body isn't ready for questions and curiosity and nudges, especially on social media. Why are women still expected to have washboard abs all the time?
Fortunately, there were commentators who pointed out the insensitivity in the thread. "Omg these comments," wrote one person. “I've had 4 caesarean sections and I exercise all the time and sometimes, especially during this time of the month, I look three months pregnant. They look wonderful ❣️ and as women we should understand that. "
Another commenter said, “It's hard to assume she's pregnant, I have two kids, two Caesarean sections, and when I'm bloated I look pregnant, but I don't fucking want to be asked if I'm pregnant or not assumes! When will people notice that you don't ask that? "
This commenter pretty much got it to the point: "I hate how everyone automatically thinks they're pregnant when one of the twins shows a bit of belly fat."
Of course, Brie isn't the first woman to look into pregnancy issues in public. A long list of celebrities, including Jennifer Garner, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Aniston and countless others, found themselves repeatedly on the receiving end of the inappropriate request for nothing but the way their stomach looks in a photo.
We hate that she felt the need to speak out at all, but Brie herself posted an answer in the comments, writing, “Not pregnant, just this photo for anyone who's wondering. I'm the type of woman who holds back 5-7 pounds of water every month, shit, but that's life. Plus, after two C sections, it's usually clear what I consumed in one day. But I have two great babies, so I accept the extra weight and fluctuations. Many Thanks."
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