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Emily Ratajkowski
It was always clear that Emily Ratajkowski would have a great modeling career. From the moment she appeared on screen it was clear to see that she was a natural beauty who loved the camera; and she definitely loved the camera!
Emily Ratajkowski Plastic Surgery Before and After
The now 31-year-old mother of one has had some defining career moments — appearing on Nickelodeon's iCarly in 2010 as Gibby's girlfriend Tasha, starring in Robin Thicke's controversial music video Blurred Lines, and making her feature film debut as Ben Affleck's character's love interest in Gone Girl in 2014, to name just three.
If you look closely at the pictures taken early in her career compared to more recent ones - some of which have been shared on the @truthaboutfaves Instagram account - you'll see an overwhelming difference as it becomes increasingly obvious that she's following in her footsteps many of her peers and has either gone under the knife or opted for slightly less invasive non-surgical procedures to achieve her current look—or a little bit of both!
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Emily Ratajkowski Buccal fat removal
Although fans have speculated that the My Body writer could have had a nose job (not surgical or surgical) as her nose looks thinner and more refined in recent pics, lip filler as her pout is much more plump than it used to be. and even eye treatments like microblading for the eyebrows or neurotoxin and filler injections, among others, there's one procedure fans are essentially convinced she's had. And this is buccal fat removal!
What is buccal fat removal?
Buccal fat refers to the fat pad between your cheekbones and jawbones. Everyone has some form of cheek fat, but it's more noticeable on some people's faces than others, such as those with rounder faces or someone who has what are known as hamster or chipmunk cheeks. Buccal fat essentially helps shape your face, but buccal fat removal surgery — also known as cheek contouring or cheek reduction — can give your midface a more toned look by highlighting your bone structure between your cheekbones and jawbones and sculpting your cheekbones to flatten them give a thinner, cracked and hollowed out appearance.
Which celebs have had buccal fat removal?
Chrissy Teigen is the first famous face that comes to mind as she has made no secret that she had the procedure, even going so far as to thank and acknowledge the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure mark what we love them for! "I got this buccal fat removal thing from Dr. Diamond made here," the Cravings cookbook author said in a video she posted to her Instagram story back in September 2021 while pointing to her cheeks. "And since I stopped drinking, I've really seen the results and I like it. Yes, I did it, huh?”
Fans are divided in the comments section
While speculation that Emily had buccal fat removal is unanimous among her fans, they are not so united in their opinions. Many of her fans took to the comments section of @truthaboutfaves' post to give their opinions; Some think she is and was a beauty, others insist they preferred her "before" look, while others find she looks more striking now.
"I know buccal fat removal ages you but I love this more model-like look for her," praised one fan. However, many people went so far as to say that the alleged buccal fat removal made them "worse" and even "sick." let look.
"Yuk," wrote one fan, while another said the surgery has aged her, writing, "She looks older." "Looks worse now," another commented, which another user echoed, writing: " Never thought she was pretty but wow she somehow managed to make herself look worse."
"What happened? Is she ill?" asked another fan. "Her face looks skeletal now," said another. "I can't stand her new combination of cheekbones and cheek fat removal. It's too much and now she looks 50. She was so perfect before. Why did she ruin her face?” asked another. "Buccal fat removal is so noticeable, but it's scary. I would never do it I need all the fat on my face for later," another fan wrote. "All these celebrities are going to regret their buccal fat removal so much in a few years," predicted another fan.
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Emily Ratajkowski
American model and actress

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