'Fast 9' director had 'multiple meetings' over adding a character's broken nose to the movie to honor 'the spirit of Brian' for fans

Did you realize the importance of Stasiak's cameo in "F9"? Universal Pictures, composed by Kirsten Acuna / Insider
"F9" shows the brief return of FBI agent Michael Stasiak with a very broken nose.
In the film's commentary, director Justin Lin says this was a deliberate reference to Brian (Paul Walker).
"It was a really funny nod to his relationship and connection with Brian O'Conner," said Lin.
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One of the best Easter eggs you might have missed on "Fast 9" was the return of FBI agent Michael Stasiak (Shea Whigham).
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Even though you may not know the name, you will know who we are talking about when you see the "F9". He's the obviously broken nose character at the beginning of the film, who chats with Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew while taking an antacid.
Agent Stasiak returned for a cameo on "F9". Universal images
You may have been so focused on the broken nose that it stole your attention from the scene.
That was the point.
Real "Fast" fans probably smiled when they realized the nod was a subtle reference to Paul Walker's character, Brian O'Conner.
"We had a lot of fun with Stasiak's nose," said director Justin Lin in the commentary on "F9: The Director's Cut".
"We saw it from 'Fast 4' when it got struck by Brian O'Conner and again from 'Fast 6'," Lin said.
Shea Whigham has appeared in three films in the franchise. Universal images
Stasiak first appeared as the FBI agent in "Fast and Furious," which Lin also directed in 2009.
He returned in 2013 in "Fast and Furious 6," also directed by Lin, to help Brian get to prison and gather information on Arturo Braga. Brian broke Stasiak's nose again so he could be placed in a cell near Braga.
"It was a really funny nod to his relationship and connection with Brian O'Conner," said Lin. "We were very aware of that, the spirit of Brian. The character obviously still lives and thrives in this universe."
Brian worked with Stasiak on "Fast 4". Universal images
"It's been several meetings about his broken nose and how much we wanted to do it," added Lin, saying that for fans he always likes to honor past events in the franchise. He never wants to neglect anything.
Walker died in 2013 at the age of 40 after being involved in a car accident. His last appearance in the franchise was "Furious 7" in 2015, which was dedicated to the actor.
"F9" has several subtle allusions to O'Conner, most of which do not mention the character's name.
Little Brian, Dom's son named after O'Conner, wears Converse shoes at the end of the film, an allusion that costume designer Sanja Hays Insider confirmed during a press day for the film's home release. Brian wore Converse in the earlier films in the franchise.
Dom named his son after Brian O'Conner. Universal images
Towards the end of the film, Dom gives his little brother Jakob (John Cena) the keys to a 10-second car, alluding to a moment between Brian and Dom at the end of the first film in the franchise.
In June, Lin told Insider he was "constantly" thinking about how to honor Walker and his character in the "Fast" saga by reporting to Vin Diesel to make sure they "do it in the most respectful way." .
"As we close the saga, of course, there are a lot of different options," Lin said of how the next two sequels can respectfully speak to O'Conner.
"It's an ongoing discussion, I would say," he continued. "I hope whatever we choose continues to come with the kind of thoughtfulness and respect I hope to bring."
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