Father-son duo rescue moose that was stuck in mud 'for days'

(via Shawn Matheson)
A father-son duo told a heartwarming story after saving a young captive moose near St. Stephen, New Brunswick last week.
Shawn Matheson told CTV News that he and his girlfriend met the animal walking Wednesday night. Matheson claimed he tried to dig it up, but a lack of rescue tools or equipment made it impossible to recover the captured moose.
But Matheson returned to the area with his father Richard the next day to try again and described the adventure while posting videos and photos on his Facebook page last Thursday.
Together, the father and son used an electric winch to pull the elk, weighing 500 to 600 pounds, out of the ultra-thick mud.
After the Mathesons finally got the animal out after hours of fighting, they provided water to drink and water lily leaves to eat before the majestic mammal felt fit enough to trot into the forest a few hours later.
"It was a long, hot day," Shawn wrote, "but we did it."

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