FBI Says It Busted Up Far-Right Militia's Plan to Kidnap Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

A conspiracy involving plans to overthrow the government and kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been foiled by the FBI.
According to a report filed Thursday by Detroit News' Robert Snell, those involved reportedly reached out to militiamen.
"Several members spoke of murdering" tyrants "or" taking "a seated governor," an FBI agent said in an affidavit made in the hours following the agency's raid on Hartland Township as part of an investigation into the death of one Detroit man who was killed during an FBI shootout.
Six men are believed to be charged with conspiracy to kidnap the governor. One of them, 24-year-old Ty Garbin, is believed to be the same man whose house was searched Wednesday.
When the news of the foiled conspiracy became known on Thursday, many quickly pointed to a Trump tweet from April saying "LIBERATE MICHIGAN!" Said.
There isn't a lot of detail here, including the timeframe. But it seems worth noting that Trump called in an April tweet to "liberate Michigan". https://t.co/8BPnAqFfjy
- Philip Bump (@pbump) October 8, 2020
Eric Allport was recently fatally shot while attempting to arrest him in connection with a federal gun crime. Allport has, as Tess Owen explained in detail in this investigative runner-up earlier this week, has since become a "new martyr" for the so-called Boogaloo Bois. The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that those who join the group are "primarily linked" to "lead an armed insurrection against the government".
Thursday's report did not immediately identify the specific "militia group" the FBI had been tracking since March. A report was made in June of a meeting with people "from several states" where discussions of secret recording methods were recorded for the Agency by a confidential source.
Other people named on the affidavit include Barry Croft, Adam Fox, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris, and Brandon Caserta.
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