FBI: Some QAnon adherents no longer 'trust the plan' or Q's prophesies, may turn to violence

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security warn that many supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory are disaffected as the movement's false prophecies keep failing to materialize and some of those supporters are likely to use violence, according to a Sen. Monday. published report .Martin Heinrich (DN.M.).
A key tenet of the QAnon conspiracy was "The Storm," where former President Donald Trump would remain in power and his enemies in the "Cabal" would be tried and executed. At least 20 of the people arrested for participating in the Jan. 6 Capitol Rising are QAnon supporters, the report said. After President Biden won and took office, some QAnon supporters believe that Trump is the "shadow president," while others "are likely to step out of the movement or reduce their stake" as Biden remains president.
A major concern, the two-page unclassified FBI report said, is that violent "followers of QAnon are likely to begin to believe that they can no longer trust the plan mentioned in QAnon posts and that they have an obligation to do so." their service as "digital soldiers" to engaging in real world violence - including harming perceived members of the "Cabal" such as Democrats and other political opposition - rather than constantly waiting for Q's promised actions that are not have taken place. Believing in QAnon is not in itself a violation of any law, the FBI insists.
Heinrich and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asked the FBI for his QAnon assessment in December. "QAnon refers to a complex and ever-evolving conspiracy theory promoted by a decentralized online community that has turned into a real movement," the report explains. “Its rationale is that a corrupt cabal of 'global elites' and 'deep state' actors runs a satan-worshiping international child sex trafficking ring and participates in plans to carry out a coup against a former president of the United States while he was in Office. "You can read the two-page memo on CNN.
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