Feadship’s Epic New 290-Foot Superyacht Hits the Water for the First Time in Amsterdam

Despite the 2020 disaster, Feadship managed to move forward at full speed, delivering four new ships and launching a handful of others. The latest addition of its kind is a new 290-foot superyacht that has just landed on the water in Amsterdam.
The epic ship, known as Project 816, was kept top secret by the Dutch builder. In fact, Saturday was the first time since Feadship entered the new Amsterdam shipyard in May last year. The wait was of course worth it.
Project 816 has an elegant exterior, written by De Voogt Naval Architects, characterized by a slim steel hull and an aluminum structure. With a beam that stretches over 44 feet, the superyacht offers an incredible amount of space spread over four decks.
While the details of the interior design remain limited, Nauta Design and FM Architettura will lead the styling on board. What we do know is that, according to Feadship, the super yacht can accommodate up to 16 guests and 25 crew members.
In the next construction phase, the 816 project will be tested at sea on the North Sea before it will be named and delivered in early 2021. The superyacht becomes part of the steadily growing Feadship family, which this year has gained no fewer than four high-profile members. One of the new stars of the fleet is the gigantic 328-foot mega-yacht Moonrise, which is now the largest in the Dutch shipyard. Another highlight was the 246 foot long superyacht Arrow, aptly named for its sharp, wave-breaking silhouette.
The shipyard also unveiled a ton of bold concepts, including a massive 358-foot project, FG, which was inspired by two certified members of the pop culture kings: Forrest Gump and Freddie Mercury.
"Despite the obvious distractions, there were still some extraordinary moments for the Feadship family in 2020," said a statement from the shipyard. "The show definitely continued as we signed some brilliant new contracts, delivered four fabulous feadships, retooled and waited for current fleet members, held online events, and won top industry awards."
See more photos of Project 816 below:
Feadship Project 816 superyacht
Feadship Project 816 superyacht
Feadship Project 816 superyacht
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