Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Recap: Better Red Than Dead

Warning: the following contains spoilers for the season six premiere of Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday. If you haven't already watched, use your head as if it was still in place and blend away from this summary.
Towards the end of the season six premiere of Fear the Walking Dead on Sunday, Virginia was told that "Morgan Jones is dead". But considering it was Morgan who told her that, she was understandably skeptical. What was our contested hero doing? And who was the show's new Morgan? Read on to find out.
“A BOSS NEVER DISCOVER HIS SECRETS” | After a prologue in which a guy who smokes cigarettes sprayed "the end" on a wall, we met a man named Walter, who has met the most charming and enigmatic guy since Strand - a Josiah LaRoux (Demetrius Grosse, late) of the beginner). It turned out that it had been his dog Rufus who had chased Walter this way and that, and now that the pooch had given his quarry to its master - and Josiah had discovered a key around the stranger's neck - it was with him Walters go head. (That key would clearly be the key to something.) When Josiah was packing Walter's noggin in a picnic basket, Virginia called the bounty hunter and gave him a new assignment: Find Morgan Jones.
Speaking of which, Morgan was now rocking his eyes red enough to mistake him for a vampire (or me after a bend) and a gangrenous chest wound because of the shot he received in the season five finale. On the plus side, it had a cycling pad on a water tower and a sudden superpower: it stank so badly that hikers walked right past it! After Morgan shot a gun from a police car, he was almost killed by a stranger named Isaac who thought he was a Roamer. The guy was hella nice, but Morgan wasn't interested in making a new friend, not even one who would offer to remove the bullet stuck in his shoulder. Whoever stitched Morgan had failed to take it out for some reason.
"MY, MY, MY, YOU ARE SURE" | Faster than you could say "It's a small world, after all," Josiah caught up with Morgan. Isaac tried to lie that he had never seen the man in Josiah's sketch - wait, how the hell did he get a sketch? Post-apocalyptic fax machine? - but he wasn't a formidable liar. Even so, he managed to get Josiah to mosey down the street in search of a zombified Morgan. As the villain wandered off, Isaac somehow deciphered the coordinates on Morgan's pocket and took his now unconscious non-buddy up the steps of his posh water tower. When Morgan came to, Isaac asked him to use his superpower to sneak supplies past the hikers outside his and his pregnant wife's hiding place before she was born a month earlier. (So ​​much to unpack!)
Morgan, who was his disaffected old self again, declined. He wasn't the same Dudley Do-Right Isaac had seen on a tape at a truck stop. Just as Isaac was getting so desperate that he was raising the subject at gunpoint, Josiah drove his truck down the water tower. Although Morgan later protected Isaac, he couldn't bring himself to kill Josiah and instead simply shot him in the arm. After the acquaintances fled in Josiah's truck, Morgan revealed on foot that the water tower cooperative was for the person who sewed it up, whoever it was. All he had known was when he woke up after being shot and pronounced dead by Ginny. It was sewn up somehow and had a note next to it that read: "You don't know me, but I heard your message. You have to do the same. You still have something to do." (Sherry, was that you?) Well He assured Morgan that he was safe where Isaac had hid his wife Rachel, and it would be safe for his rescuer too.
fear the walking dead season 6 episode 1
"YOU CANNOT LET IT END LIKE THIS" | On the way to meet Isaac and Rachel, Morgan revealed that Grace could have stayed in the water tower. Isaac, in turn, accidentally disclosed that he was one of Ginny's rangers. But he had preferred the Morgan & Co. idea to reveal what Ginny & Co. charged a high price for. He wanted to do what the Good Samaritans did, and Morgan could be a part of it - that is, if he let Isaac remove that damn bullet! When he got to Isaac and Rachel's hiding place, he gave Morgan his bag of supplies to guide through the hikers attracted to a squeaking fan. Isaac would take a different route and hopefully get there in time for his child to be born. Unfortunately, Morgan noisily broke down a few steps in his mission, so Isaac turned and intervened. Even though they were outnumbered and Morgan only had one good arm, they made all the undead dead-dead.
When Rachel groaned in labor, Isaac gave Morgan the idea of ​​rebuilding the secret location for all of his friends. (June's eyes had to light up somewhere.) When Josiah arrived - he never seemed more than half a step back - Morgan surrendered to rescue Isaac and Rachel. But just as the bounty hunter was swinging to behead his victim, Isaac grabbed him and Morgan saved Isaac. It had to be Morgan who rebuilt the place, Isaac said, revealing that he had been bitten on a previous outing. His mission was never about getting back to Rachel herself, it was about bringing Morgan to her. When Josiah attacked again - folks, you really have to kill the hired assassin trying to get rid of you! -Morgan stabbed him and then beheaded him and killed Good Morgan.
Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1 Colby Minifie
“THE END IS THE BEGINNING” | At the sound of a baby's cry, Isaac ran to meet his daughter and Morgan passed out. When he woke up Rufus kissed him, the bullet was off his shoulder, his eyes were looking much better and Isaac was no more. "We called her Morgan," Rachel said to her houseguest. Morgan later took Walter's mysterious key from Josiah's bowels and traded his usual stick for his potential murderer's badass ax. From there we see Ginny and her Rangers being stopped by a roadblock of felled walkers to trick them into opening a box labeled Morgan Jones. Inside? Gwyneth Paltrow's head. Seriously. It was Josiah's.
Ginny ghostly walked over to the walkie-talkie to tell Morgan, "I thought I needed you to make this work, but I don't know ... I just need her to believe it's you." Draw attention to the threats to kill everyone if Morgan ever showed his face again, etc., etc. Only then did Morgan speak up. "Morgan Jones is dead," he intoned, "and you are up against someone else now." Someone who was apparently much more frightening than our old friend the pacifist. As the season six premiere came to an end, we went back to the graffiti artist who told his buddy that "they" should have been there by now and reminded him that we mostly needed this key for ourselves. "We have to wait somewhere else," said his companion. And when the smoker finished painting "The End Is the Beginning," aka the episode title, we saw him spray on ... was that a sub?!?
What do you think of the season six premiere of Fear the Walking Dead? Did anyone else feel sorry that Josiah was sent on one episode? Rate the hour in the poll below, then hit the comments with your ratings.
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