Feline Becomes Dog Friend's Guide Cat After Canine Loses His Vision: 'Most Beautiful Thing'

Meet Blaze the dog with a guide cat!
Robin Wagner, 28, adopted Blaze, a German shepherd mix, in 2019. After bringing the dog home, Wagner took the pet to the vet and learned that Blaze had vision problems.
Vets determined that Blaze was blind in one eye and had lens problems in the other eye, causing his remaining vision to deteriorate.
The cat Satin, who lived in Burlington, Vermont before Blaze arrived at Wagner's, gave the dog a warm welcome. Even though Blaze often stepped on the cat when he first moved in, the two animals formed an inseparable bond.
"A new creature was at the top of her room, and even if he could see, she would often run into her," Wagner told SWNS of Satin's early days with Blaze.
The blind dog Blaze and his sighted cat Satin
According to the outlet, Blaze lost his sight completely in October 2020 and his right eye was removed a few months later to stop an infection.
“Blaze's blindness caused a huge drop in his social anxiety. He became very anxious and reactive," Wagner said. "We had to work a lot with coaches to help him regain his confidence."
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The blind dog Blaze and his sighted cat Satin
Satin also stepped in to help Blaze adjust to his vision loss.
“Both the cat and the dog like to hang out in our bed. When Blaze jumped up, Satin would run out of the room before stomping on her. But over time we noticed that Satin stayed in place and gave Blaze a nice loud meow. He stopped himself and walked around her," Wagner said.
The black cat's efforts to meow to announce her presence to Blaze worked, so she also began using the trick to help the dog get around the house.
The blind dog Blaze and his sighted cat Satin
Satin uses her meows and chirps like a sonar, helping the 80-pound dog avoid collisions with her and the furniture.
"Every time he walked up to her, she meowed. She meowed and he stopped and turned around," Wagner said.
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For the past year, the owner of the furry friends has been watching as the animals work together to figure out how best to adapt to Blaze's vision loss.
"I think Blaze's blindness caused Satin and Blaze to grow closer," Wagner said.
"While she's not the most affectionate and cuddly cat around, she certainly tells Blaze she loves him and it's the most beautiful thing to see," she added.

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