FIA World Council approves F1 COVID-19 protocols

The FIA ​​World Council approves the F1 COVID-19 protocols
The FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council has approved changes to this year's Formula 1 regulations to include the new COVID 19 protocols, which will be rolled out in Austria next month.
In addition, the rules for the upcoming seasons have been refined as the FIA, F1 and teams continue to look for ways to control costs.
The starting grid, race lock / resume and podium procedures have been updated to reflect the new protocols as expected, while the curfew rules have been adjusted to reflect the social distance rules.
Pirelli's request to standardize tire allocations to balance the fluid calendar was also approved. The FIA ​​also outlines that stewards "can exceptionally work remotely when the conditions require it".
The technical regulations for 2020 and 2021 have been "adapted and refined" to the list of homologated components announced last month. This list defines which parts of the cars are frozen and how the token system works.
In addition, a new rule regarding the "partial load fuel mass flow" has been added as the FIA ​​further limits fuel consumption.
For 2021, the restrictions for aerodynamic tests in the sports regulations were refined.
Two interesting additions to technical regulations are a limit on the number of software versions that a team can use in a year and a limit on the number of fuel formulations and engine oil specifications that can be approved in a year.
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