First Lady Jill Biden Has Been 'Obsessed' with Getting Dogs Champ and Major 'Settled' at the White House

Dr. Jill Biden ensures that their dogs Major and Champ have a smooth transition to their new home.
While appearing on a special episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show, the 69-year-old first lady gave presenter Kelly Clarkson a tour of the White House that included a quick stop to greet her and President Joe Biden's beloved pets.
"I was obsessed with sedating our dogs because we have an old dog and a very young dog," said Dr. Biden about the two dogs. (The Biden family adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Association in November 2018, 10 years after welcoming their first German Shepherd, Champ.)
"They have to take the elevator, they are not used to that, and they have to go to the South Lawn with a crowd," added Dr. Biden added. "So that was what I became obsessed with, calming and calming everyone down."
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Champ and Major officially moved into the White House on January 24, just four days after the 78-year-old president was officially inaugurated. The Champ and Major become the first dogs to live in the White House in four years as former President Donald Trump did not have pets.
Major also makes history as the first guard dog to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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As the dogs get used to their new homes, Dr. Biden, you haven't found your "favorite place" yet.
"They like to be where we are. Even when my door is closed, they sit right in front of the door and say, 'Let me in! Let me in!' "she said to Clarkson.
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Last week the Champ and Major walked into the Oval Office while the President was working.
White House photographer Adam Schultz snapped a picture of Biden standing in front of the Resolute Desk, smiling next to his two dogs. In one of the photos, Biden has his hand on Major's head while Champ is sprawled on the carpet of the Oval Office.
After posing for the picture, the President's puppies were later photographed at some important Oval Office meetings.
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