Fisker Pear electric hatchback teased, promises $29,900 price

Today is our first close look at a new model from Fisker called the Pear. Yes, this is pear like the fruit, so it's fitting that the teaser image is mostly shades of green.
Explicit details about the pear are few, but Fisker gave us a few things to chew on. For one, Fisker is promising a base price of under $29,900, and that's before any federal or state EV tax incentives. It's said to be built on a "new proprietary architecture," so don't expect it to share much with the big Ocean SUV. Henrik Fisker, Fisker CEO, said that the small hatchback will "feature new lighting and a wraparound windscreen inspired by a glider's glass canopy."
We can get a glimpse of what the car will look like in general from the single teaser image released by Fisker. While the company claims this vehicle doesn't fit into any existing segment, it sure looks like a compact hatchback to us. The beefy fenders give it a decidedly sporty flair, and the big wheels and mesh front grille only add to the effect. Its scatter-shot lighting that runs the length of the front end actually looks unlike anything else out there, and the same goes for its oddly curved A-pillar. This concept (or whatever it is) also carries camera side mirrors. If US regulations are changed to allow these, they would be a possibility. Otherwise, Fisker will have to swap these out for some conventional mirrors before production.
And Fisker also has high hopes on the production front. The plan is to produce the bulb at the now Foxconn-owned factory in Lordstown, Ohio. Once production ramps up, Fisker predicts it will be able to produce at least 250,000 pears a year, an ambitious target. Whether there's demand for 250,000 small electric vehicles a year from Fisker is a question we may see answered this decade, as Fisker says the Pear will go into production in Lordstown in 2024. As for the future, Fisker says the Pear's platform will underpin two more Fisker models, but says details about those cars will come at a later date.
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