Five arrested in Hong Kong over children's books

Five people in Hong Kong were arrested for sedition over books they published on sheep and wolves.
Hong Kong police say the stories are aimed at inciting hatred among young people against the city's government.
Those arrested were members of a speech therapists union that produced books for children.
They were arrested under a colonial-era law aimed at sedition that had rarely been used prior to the anti-government protests.
Initial convictions under the sedition law are punishable by a maximum sentence of two years in prison.
At a press conference on Thursday, the police showed the confiscated books.
One of them is entitled "Defenders of the Sheep Village" and tells the story of wolves who occupy a village and want to eat the sheep, who in turn use their horns to fight back.
According to police, the book is related to the 2019 protests.
Two other books were highlighted as worrying, including one about 12 sheep brought by wolves to the village of the beasts to be cooked.
It may allude to the 12 Hong Kong people who were captured by China in August last year when they tried to flee the city by boat.
Thursday's arrests heighten fears over the shrinking space for dissent in Hong Kong since Beijing passed a national security law last year.
Security officials said the prosecution was based on evidence and had nothing to do with a person's political, background or occupation.

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